Tools and Snails: This Way

Check out my new tool holder.  My friend Nick made it from reclaimed fencing and ceramic knobs.  Nick Timmerman is also the talent behind our Little Free Library. If you missed that post, you can read about it at Little Free Library: Books for Everyone.

garden tools

Garden Tools, Reclaimed Fences

The tool holder is hanging from the side of the house near the vegetable garden.  It’s great to have a handy place to put my oft-used garden tools. They’ll be right where I need them throughout the growing season.  The arrow points away from the garden.  It’s a subliminal message directed at the snails: lunch is that way. Nothing to see here, mollusks.

ceramic knobs

Ceramic knobs

Nick reclaimed the knobs from his mother’s former kitchen. They looked vaguely familiar at first, but I couldn’t recall why. Later I remembered buying the very same knobs for a project years and years ago.

What goes around, comes around, in more ways than one.

Thanks, Nick!

Ceramic knobs

Memories, from the corners of my mind

15 thoughts on “Tools and Snails: This Way

  1. Another great idea courtesy of Gardening Nirvana – and oh, if only snails could read! You have reminded me why I visited Bunnings yesterday [where I found the planter boxes] but actually intended to hunt down some copper tape …… the perils of age – first the body, then the memory …….. 🙂


  2. I love the sign but the knobs are the best. Confusing the snails seems like a good idea to me. I looked for the mini greenhouse today but all they had was one that would fill the whole patio. I don’t think the landlords would let me keep it. The wind was blowing the rain hard enough i decided to put off hunting planter boxes till a bit later. Your weather looks so inviting. 🙂


    • Thanks, Marlene! We’re actually getting some real weather today. Cooler temps, a bit of rain and even a chance (small) of thunderstorms. Sorry to hear about your blowing rain. Those are miserable.

      Sometimes, if it is early enough in the season, you can ask the store to order a mini-greenhouse. If it’s a chain, they might have it at another location, and they can ship it to your local store. I do hope you find one. I think they’re the perfect size for the patio.



  3. Well now, that was very clever of Nick. I adore those reclaimed fence post in that shape too. Have you seen headboards fashioned out of old sections of fencing? I’ve admired them before. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in kitchens years ago with similar knobs. While they may have dated his moms kitchen, they’re absolutely perfect for your garden. Love it! It’s too fun that you’ve bought the exact same knobs before, is this world small or what? I hope the (mukluks) mollusks catch onto your wittiness and slither on by….off you go, “nothing to see here”, LOL you kill me. xox have a happy day sweetness.

    PS. I left (mukluks) in brackets because it made me snort. I went back to re-read my message b4 hitting Post Comment. Spellcheck is humorous at times…hahaha.


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