Up Pop the ‘Daffies

Things are popping up all over the garden.  Don’t you love this time of year?

With plenty of evidence of a squirrel invasion and the later-than-recommended planting date, I tried to keep my expectations low.  I’d seen daffodils in full bloom throughout the neighborhood,but mine were still a no-show.

A watched pot never boils, so I feigned indifference. Up popped the ‘Daffies. I planted fifty of them in the curb garden, interspersed with last year’s perennials.  I lost count due to feline distractions, but I’m pretty sure most of them came up.

daffodils break ground

Daffodils break ground

chocolate mint

Chocolate mint

Mint is a bit like ivy. It will rule the garden if left undisturbed. So with a watchful eye, I hope to encourage the mint to trail over the edges of the garden bed, to leave plenty of room for everything else. It’s beautiful and fragrant and super easy to grow.


I think this is Thyme

I think this is Thyme, but don’t remember planting it.I looked at my planting list, and thyme wasn’t included. That’s okay, though. I like a little mystery in a garden.

feline border control

Feline border patrol

Mighty Mouse, my feline adviser wouldn’t take no for an answer. He hounded me throughout my rounds, insisting I pick him up. I rested my foot on the support of the box and he made his move. His special party trick involves springing from the ground on to my shoulder or my back. It’s fine in the winter months when I’m wearing a jacket, but summer shoulder-hopping is strongly discouraged.  Ouch!

curb garden

Curb Garden

That’s the long view of the curb garden. We’re just ten days away from the Northern Hemisphere’s first day of spring. I. Can’t. Wait!

29 thoughts on “Up Pop the ‘Daffies

  1. Your curb garden is a fantastic idea, I bet your neighbours enjoy seeing what you are growing. Well the cats appreciate you too! I love seeing the daffodils and appreciate that when we’ve done the hard work bulb planting they will pop up every year – a proper reward! X


    • Thank you for saying so. It really has been a hit. It’s much more interesting than the strip of grass that lived there for years, and better in many ways too. I can’t wait to see all the pretty yellow flowers.

      It is a proper reward…well put. I had a few more each year, since they don’t all come back. It’s fun to see what comes up in forgotten spots. I love that.

      Are your bulbs up yet?


  2. Mighty Mouse must have some strong back legs to make that kind of jump. Sounds like you always have to wear something on your shoulders to protect from those nails. 🙂 Love seeing spring from your vantage point. Put my plants outside this week since we are finally past the freezing mark. I am SO ready for spring. Happy Tuesday. 🙂


    • Hurray for the return of your patio garden, Marlene. I hope the pests stay away this year.

      I have scratches all over my back from this cat. I’ve really got to watch it in the summer as it can be quite painful. He gets away with murder because he is so darn cute and sweet. How do you not fall in love with a cat that wants to be wrapped around your shoulders? Not possible!


      • I know it’s hard to believe, but my 20 pound dog wanted to ride up there too. 🙂 But she could jump from the ground. If she got in your arms or anywhere close, she headed for the shoulder perch and stayed there. Too funny but she was part Yorkie and that’s in the breed. Yorkies are usually smaller, not 20 pounds. :)) I’m with you. How could you not love something that wants to be that close.


          • I wish someone had taken a photo of her there. My daughter still tells people about it. We called her velcro because she rarely left my side when walking off lease and them only after looking at me for permission. The trick was a pocket full of treats. I’d just pat my pocket and she would pay attention no matter the other distractions. Wonderful training tool. I miss her, obviously.


  3. I have never heard of chocolate mint – most intriguing! I don’t think it is thyme [which has spiky leaves] I’m thinking maybe it is oregano – or possibly maybe marjoram? Hopefully somebody with a bit more fresh herb knowledge might wander past and leave a note 🙂

    Dear old Mighty Mouse – he does love to be with you doesn’t he! I am sporting a huge puncture mark on my neck – looks a bit like a vampire fang as the vet nurse helpfully assured me – from my wee fella hanging on desperately saying please don’t put me back in that carrier…… He hates it so much I really have to find another way of getting him about. I’m even wondering if a cat harness might not be a better option for us both – it will save me a few wounds……


  4. Everything is looking so big and lush and I can totally see all your daffodils getting ready to put on a show. I hope your squirrel friends mind their manners. I’m so happy to see Mouse visiting while your camera was in action. He is so hard to resist. For me, I think he’s even sweeter for being so dedicated to you He’s looking really clean too 😀 Must have spent some time on your sofa preening and washing…hehe. Just before his little nap (followed by kitty treats). Your place is like the Bellagio, good food, quite rooms, gardens and a water feature. But the Bellagio doesn’t have you and that’s the best part 😀 Mouse obviously thinks so too. xoK


    • xoxoxoxooxox




      You make me feel so darn wonderful every time you post. How do you do it?

      Yes, we’re the Belagio for kitties around here. No chocolate fountains, but plenty of curling up spots, treats and as you pointed out, a water feature. That made me giggle.

      His face is so expressive. I just adore him.

      I adore you too. What a coincidence!


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