Goofing Off


Selfie with Silicon Valley in the background

It’s a holiday in the US today, more specifically President’s Day.  The boys are out of school, Mike’s home from work and the sun is shining.

We desperately, desperately, desperately need the rain and this is the month we get the most of it.  That said, it’s hard not to enjoy such a clear, bright warm day.

We hiked at Almaden Quicksilver, and enjoyed the bits of green along the trails edge thanks to some recent rain.  The California Poppies are up as well.  We hiked mid-day, a terrible time for decent photos, but I hope to go back soon to snap some shots while the poppies are still in bloom.

In case you think I’m a complete deadbeat, I did a lot of digging, pruning, weeding and planning over the weekend and will share more with you later in the week.

See you then!

orange poppies

California Poppies (October 2013)

24 thoughts on “Goofing Off

  1. You are not now and never will be a ‘deadbeat’ – Good heavens hiking with the one you love on a fine and sunny day – what could be more deliciously devoted and dedicated than that? Love the colour of those Californian Poppies – and the selfie is pretty cool as well 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful day after the hike as well xoxo


    • Thank you so much (((Pauline))).

      It was a strange day. The hike was great and that evening I took my Valentine to a Paul Simon/Sting concert. Three hours of singing, dancing and smiling. We had a blast. Mid day I helped a friend in crisis, visiting her in the ICU and taking her a phone charger and a blanket while she sat at her husband’s bedside. He had double pneumonia. It was a surreal day. He is finally feeling better and has since been moved to a step down unit. Still a long row ahead.


      • Wow – Paul Simon and Sting in the same room! That would have been very good I think. Sounds like it was a very busy day – always so hard when our loved ones become seriously ill – good on you for being a practical and supportive friend!


        • WordPress just ate my reply. The nerve!

          To paraphrase, they are both immensely talented men. It was remarkable to see them together and to appreciate the large body of work. We were on our feet most of the time, singing and dancing with the sold-out crowd. The musicians were remarkable. Sting performed alone, then with Paul Simon. Then Sting left the stage and Simon performed alone, and back and forth it went for three hours, no intermission. I expected great and it was great on steroids.


  2. If YOU’RE a deadbeat, my pulse is non-existent, HA. That is the cutest photo of you and M, you look like teenagers. I love your hairband too, you totally should do a Pantene commercial with that hair of yours and your cute smile and freckles.
    It looked like a beautiful day to be out with your guys, I love those kind of days. The Poppies are stunning, like little rays of sunshine and so prolific. Good Point of View on your photo too Alys! I must always try and remember POV, POV 😀 Awesomeness to the max xoxoK


    • LOL! You crack me up. You are busy all day long. …pulse is non-existent. Hee!

      I bought that hairband at Target several years ago. It’s one of my favorites. Some are too tight, others break or sit too low and press on my ears. This one looks good, feels good, and makes me think “why didn’t I buy a dozen?!

      You flatter me, you sweet thing you. It was funny that Mike snapped that shot as I tossed my hair. I wish it had that kind of body when it was at rest.

      Point of view, eh? I’ll have to go back now and take another look.


      • Somedays I’m busy, other days I’m just not organized…ahem, dare I say.
        Today, I actually said out loud, “stop! one thing at a time, finish one thing”. I get so sidetracked. Honestly, I really have to work on completing tasks. I think I’m “Super Juggler”, able to keep 5 balls in the air at once…surprise! I’m a terrible juggler, nope, not good at it. There, now you know the harsh truth. “hello, my name is Boomdee, I’m unorganized” LOL

        Oh, yep, POV….I felt like I was a lady bug on a leaf of one of those sunny poppies looking ‘just-over’ the whole field. Such a nice cozy spot to be 😀 xo


  3. That photo is PRICELESS! A day spent with someone you so obviously love a great deal, is the best way to spend any day. You two are just too cute together! I miss the poppies. They are one of my favorites. I could go on and on about that photo. Print it up big so you can see it often. That’s what love looks like.:) Hugs, MH


    • Awww. Thanks so much. I kissed a lot of toads before finding my prince. We’ve been together almost twenty years.

      Great idea printing this photo. I hadn’t thought of that. You’re full of good ideas.

      Hugs back atcha, MH.


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