Rain, Glorious Rain

After an incredibly dry year, I’m so happy it finally rained.  Twice!  That’s a bit of a big deal around here after one of the driest years in memory.  We’re semi-arid to begin with.  We need all the rain we can get.

sweet peas in the rain

Sweet Peas refreshed

The air smells wonderful.  After a few hours of grey clouds, followed by sunshine, I feared we had already seen the last of it.  Then around 1:00 this afternoon, another storm blew in.  I’m loving it and enjoying it while I can.  We’re back to ‘sunny and 68′ F (20’ C) by the weekend.

hyacinth emerge

Hyacinth emerge

Our season runs from July through June.  Season to date is typically 2.18″. We’ve recorded 0.66.”

I realize it’s all relative.  Parts of the world are shoveling out snow.  Others are already fed up  with wind and rain.   Super Typhoon Haiyan besieged the Philippines and the mid west state of Illinois will take years to recover from late-season, powerful tornadoes.  Such devastating losses our weather can bring.  My heart goes out to everyone suffering  these profound injuries and loss.

Today, in my little corner of the world, I’m happy the rains are falling.  I’m also filled with gratitude for all I have.

'Maori Sunrise' New Zealand Flax

‘Maori Sunrise’ New Zealand Flax

Relief Efforts Around the Globe:

10 thoughts on “Rain, Glorious Rain

  1. From our different ends of the seasonal perspective, we are both enjoying some rain – you, perhaps more than me!

    There is such beautiful symmetry and movement in the photo of the sweet pea tendril. I love those tendrils, so delicate, so dainty, yet unbelievably strong and tenacious… one of natures little wonders.

    You did a great job with your camera Alys – and I am pleased to see a bit of my native land in your garden too 🙂

    I agree with you too, gratitude for all we already have and are, must be uppermost in our minds and hearts at all times. These dreadful weather related tragedies remind us that we can lose it all in a blink of an eye. Thank you for today’s reminder.


    • I did see that you had rain as well. You’re no doubt fed up, too, since you’re at the end of your winter and into spring.

      Thanks so much for commenting on the sweet pea photo. They are amazing, aren’t they? As you say, tiny little tendrils but very strong.

      Yes…New Zealand flax. We have two or three of them. They’re so rich in color and require next to nothing once established. I thought of you when I wrote the caption.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your always-thoughtful comments. It’s nice to see you here.


  2. It’s my fault it’s raining there. I’m leaving here tomorrow for Calif and sent the rain ahead of me. It will follow me back up. I was so happy to see sun this morning only to find out it will be raining at my son’s. :(. But I know how much you needed it so I’m willing to share.:)


    • LOL! Well, you can’t please everyone and here is another case to drive that point home. Bummer!

      Will you be in California for a few days? It’s supposed to clear up by Thursday.

      Safe travels, Marlene, and have fun.


      • S. Cal gets rain through Sat. Sunday will be nice and Monday when I come home. Spending my son’s birthday with him. We will be dry for a couple days after I get back then back to rain. It’s going down to 28 tonight and tomorrow. Brrrr. I am glad you get some rain for your beautiful garden though. 🙂


        • Thanks, Marlene.

          I hope you have a good time visiting. It’s nice spending time with family. I know you get to see more of your daughter since she lives close by. This will be a good ‘change of scenery’ too, even if you are trading one wet state for another.

          Our low temps are in the mid to high forties. 28 sounds cold.


  3. Rain drops kept falling on her head, but Alys kept on gardening when she should have gone to bed! Her clippers wouldn’t stop..cause it wasn’t really hot…oooooooh, I can’t wait until I’m sitting in her garden, because it’s nice….she’s got 4 cats but got no mice, I’ve got to visit her twice….We’ll have some Pepsi on some ice 😀

    I loved the tour, so refreshing and gloriously GREEN. I’m never far away from a garden when you’re here, thanks for sharing! The tendrils are really cute aren’t they? Reminds me of ribbons on a gift. Off I go, all perky now…la la la rain drops…toddle Lou xo


    • Oh you clever blogger you! Singing to me in verse about the rain. I love it!!!

      I love the tendrils, too. It’s my favorite part of the pumpkin plants when they first get going. How do they ‘know’ what to hang on too? And they do it with such a firm hold. Nature is amazing.


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