Vintage Style Makes You Smile

I feel like Marlo Thomas in That Girl! This charming vintage suitcase, lovingly refashioned and restored into a one-of-a-kind traveling case made its way from Alberta, Canada. As a girl I dreamed of having one of these suitcases. I can barely believe the circumstances that brought both the gift and the giver into my life. If you’re not already following her blog, be sure to take a look. Thank you, Boomdee for pop-popping the suitcase hinges of my world.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Style Makes You Smile

  1. The fact that I adored Marlo Thomas as ‘That Girl’ has me tickled this morning. Wasn’t she just too cute? YOU my dear Alys are charming, special to me and truly one-of-a-kind. It was a pleasure to plan and make it with this in mind and heart. I remember reading your ‘If I Was Queen For A Day’ and marvelled. I was thinking how the world needs a million ‘Alys bots’ stat. You are a beautiful, caring soul and I cherish you every day! xoxK/P/B 😀


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