Garden Catharsis


Slinky Malinki

Today was one of those days.  We all have them.

The vet called to say that my sweet Slinky Malinki needed an additional blood test. Earlier tests revealed an infection, an elevated thyroid and unexplained weight loss.  She refused her pill hidden in delectable treats, and I wasn’t able to pill her without the help of my husband who’s on a business trip…in the Bahamas.

My youngest son called from school not feeling well and asked to come home early.  He seems to be doing okay, but he’s only called home from school twice in three years so I worry.  It’s a mom thing.

The check-engine light stubbornly refuses to budge on my aging van, much like the extra weight around my aging midriff.  This is not a good week for the car to break down.

So, when the going gets tough, the tough get gardening.  After dinner with the boys and a quick clean up, I headed out doors.  I pruned away dead branches from the lavender shrubs, cleaned out several pots, and watered my neglected annuals.  The coleus had to go, a task I’ve been putting off.  White flies or mites were everywhere, so any hope of saving cuttings was finally put to rest.  San Jose has a yard waste pick up each week with our trash.  I didn’t want to compost the ‘buggy’ plant so on to the heap it went.  I filled  up my watering cans, trimmed the potted roses and swept the by-now-dark front deck.

I brought the fairy garden into the garage for some TLC and finally called it a day.  Hard work, especially outdoors, is invigorating and cathartic.  Problems remain, but a clear head and a tired body put it all in perspective.

What do you do when the going gets tough?

23 thoughts on “Garden Catharsis

  1. I find things often get up-ended and muddly around this time of year – from equinox to Michaelmas, we get out of sorts in all kinds of ways. Soon as September ends it will come right – we just have to get through this little humpedy bit [Though having said that, as it is Spring here and Autumn where you are it may not apply in the same way]

    Your recipe for dealing with it is an excellent one – I really must adopt it myself! 🙂 Do hope kitty and son all come right and hubby doesn’t tire himself out too much in the Bahamas – its obviously a tough job, thank god he is up for it!


    • I had to look Michaelmas up in the ole dictionary. I learned a new term today. We’ll be swapping vocabulary words back and forth all year, Pauline.

      There are a lot of changes with the seasons, not just the temps, so I think you may be on to something. I generally love this time of year, but I suppose everything is relative.

      Kitty is purring away on my desk so that is a good sign. The ate her breakfast, but appears to have outsmarted me in the pill department. I cut the pill into quarters, wrapped two in the pill roll and buried in her food. I suppose it is silly of me to think that a cat that can find prey in the wild using her nose might not also find the hidden antibiotics.

      As for hubby, working hard, but yes, working hard in the Bahamas. Then three flights to get back home. It’s not all pretty.

      Thanks, as always, for your wit and words of encouragement.


  2. A woman after my own heart! Weather and time permitting, the garden is always my escape when the going gets tough. Cleaning up, shedding the the dead stuff, and clearing space for positive energy to flow lightens the garden and the gardener. Even if I take just two or three minutes to wander through the garden with my camera, getting right up close to capture the details of a blossom, I feel grounded and reconnected, and thereby able to let go of the things I can’t control. Sending healthy vibes to you and your family (two-legged and four-legged kids alike)!


  3. So sorry to hear about Slinky. I hope it’s nothing serious this time. We know the inevitable is coming (as it will eventually be with my beloved KT) but it’s never easy. Keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for the best.


  4. I always tell my patients that we have to find ways to do just what you did … clearn the head, calm the troubled waters, deal with the problem at hand. Some use exercise, others use a favorite hobby (gardening; motorcycles), others require meds. Whatever the strategy, it doesn’t make the problems go away … it just allows us to better manage them.
    Here’s to a much better day and health to your loved ones!


    • Thanks so much for your supportive words of encouragement, not to mention validation of the ’emotional device’

      Both boys are under the weather, and I’m afraid I might be next, but kitty is seeming a bit better. So it goes.

      Thanks so much, LB!


  5. Aw, sweetie, I hope your Kitty is going to be okay!!! Kitty and I both send out healing love vibes. I’ve been having a very strange time the last month as well. I’m writing a blog post about it now. Well, supposed to be but being distracted by other people’s lovely blogs! 🙂


  6. Awww rats, your week has been sort of a mess. Hope things are improving with Mac and he’s able to rest and feel better. Thank goodness Slinky wandered into your life, not as much for your sake but for hers. It makes me sad to think she might be sick and all alone out there. I know people who’ve had a cat for 18 years, I don’t know if that’s the norm but with healthy care they can be with us a long time.

    Darn vehicle troubles too, yeesh, that’s a pain in the ‘you know what’. I imagine you checked the oil. I’d got this light on the PT once when I gassed up in Leduc where Adele lives. My owner manual indicated it could be bad gas? If something does go haywire, I’ll rent us a vehicle for next week, so don’t panic if you need a shop visit.

    Glad you found relief from the woes in your garden, it’s cathartic to burn off energy doing something you love. Like “out with the bad air/in with the good”. These days, I generally head to the craft room or even go for a walk too. Except I always end up in a Starbucks for a Latte which negates any calorie burning involved in said walk. I don’t imagine there’ll be a Starbucks on that trail you enjoy, so maybe I’ll actually get some exercise. Have a better and beautiful day Hon. xK


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