Summer Solstice: We’re Both Right!

DSC_0014 I’m old school.  Sure, I have a computer and a smart phone, but I still hang a paper calendar on my wall.  I love glancing over my shoulder now and again to see who’s celebrating what and where.  According to my wall calendar, Summer Solstice is Friday, June 21st.  Imagine my surprise when my husband commented over dinner that today was the longest day of the year.

Turns out, both are true, depending on where you live.  Here on the west coast of the United States, Summer Solstice hits late Thursday night.  On the east coast, it’s Friday.   My friends in the UK are already celebrating and are privy to the cute Google Doodle, which as of this writing, still hasn’t rolled out in Silicon Valley.

The Weather Channel has a stunning image from Australia here that you won’t want to miss.  As we approach the longest day of the year, they’re experiencing the opposite.

The Guardian has a screen shot of the cute Google Doodle, though not nearly as fun till you can interact with it. I remain a child at heart.

The fact that everyone observes both the summer and winter solstice gives me a sense of camaraderie with the rest of the world.  It feels like a big party and we’re all invited.  Happy Solstice wherever you live.  ☼☼☼

Vegetable Garden Summer Solstice

Herb and Vegetable Garden on the Summer Solstice (includes pumpkins, strawberries, basil, tomatoes, peppers and raspberries)

Mouse in my arms

Shared affection with Mouse the Cat at dusk

13 thoughts on “Summer Solstice: We’re Both Right!

  1. It’s the in breath and the out breath of the planet – special times and I am so glad to know someone who acknowledges both exist ………. while you dance and sing and grow things in the summer light and warmth, I look inward and muse on the meaning of life and celebrate with hot toddies and friends around glowing fires….. in six months time we will swap places and make the cycle complete. I just love it! Love your garden too – and the famous Mouse – just beautiful!!


    • Pauline, you are gracious and poetic soul. Thanks so much! Yes, the circle of life is just that, the world moving on its access, the seasons follow one by one, then start again. There is something wonderful about every time of year. Keeping a garden and a blog, really bring that close to home.


  2. Hi Alys. I love the shortest day as it means that the days will now get longer and longer and soon it will be summer. There is always hope in a garden. There is an old wives tale here that says plant your garlic and onion on the shortest day and harvest on the longest, however the longest day is four days before christmas so this year I am going to delay planting so we can have our summer holidays. Enjoy your long day.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


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  4. Awwww, that’s the most dear photo of you and Mouse and both of you getting comfort from each other, so touching. It’s hard to know what time it is because it’s been daylight so late and so early. I usually am able to sleep till 7 or 7:30 but Blossum is waking me at 4:00 in the morning, “it’s time to get up mum”. I think last night it was still light out at 10pm. It was great when we were kids 😀 Everything looks picture perfect in your garden, how’s the new front garden coming along? First day of summer too….bring it on !


    • Thank you so much for saying so. I was trying to get photos of the sunflowers and Mouse would have none of it. He climbed all over me till I settled down, then took our picture. Such a sweetie.

      Wow, you really are getting a lot of day light. I forget how far north you are. I remember a summer in the Lake District where we could hike till 10 at night. It really was harder to sleep with so much daylight.

      Thanks for your kind words re the garden. The front planter is slowly coming along. I thought it would fill in a bit faster, but everything looks healthy and I haven’t lost a single plant. A few of the seedlings are coming up as well.


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