Beauty Down Under

Have you ever noticed the beauty of a flower, down under?

I’ve grown to love the view through my camera lens. The narrowed focus and clarity allow me to see things I might miss.  Who knew that vibrant purple tulips rise from their stem with a subtle brush stroke of cream. Nature imitating art?

under side of a tulip

Looking Up

Freesias curl from a chain of looped, waxy stems.  Soft yellows fade to white, then splash out an intense magenta.  They’re intoxicating too, drawing my nose toward the planter whenever I walk by.  I love these colors.  I’m dreaming of a summer dress with a yellow bodice and a fuchsia skirt.  Surely one of the fashion houses has thought of that.



Look closely. I think this Cyclamen brushed on magenta eye shadow at the start of the day. Too shy to flirt with the world, she keeps this side of her hidden down below.


Cyclamen ‘Eye Shadow’

The Tulip Magnolia sport ‘fingers,’ pulled together as if to wave at passersby (or…let’s face it), the coming and going snails. I love it, warts and all.

Magnolia Tulip Fingers

Magnolia Tulip Fingers

As I child I liked to view the world from different perspectives. I imagined the house as if everything were upside down. Watching clouds while sprawled on my back connected me to the world in a different way. I probably spent too much time day-dreaming, the hallmark of an introvert though I also craved real-world connections. As an adult, I enjoy both.  Human connection and solitude. I’m a social being who craves unfettered time alone. What better place to find it then in the garden, down under.

Watercolor Tulip


14 thoughts on “Beauty Down Under

  1. What a wonderful perspective and so beautifully written! Will surely be on my list of ‘favorite Alys posts’! Love the pictures, as well! Truly Wow! 🙂


  2. So wonderfully written Alys! I enjoyed every unique observation. From shy and flirty Cyclamen to waving Magnolia’s, your garden looks so pretty. I too love my alone time, in the crafty room or writing a post. But I also relish the camaraderie with girlfriends like you. I’ve found it’s gotten much easier in retirement. When I worked, I was ‘on’ all day, negotiating, appeasing, smozshing, apologizing……so draining. I’d be completely drained. It’s so nice to have the opportunity to do my own thing everyday. Lucky me. I really admire you for starting your own business and doing what you love. That’s the way to go. Those Freesia’s are especially gorgeous, I wish I could smell them 😀 xK


    • You’ve earned every moment of your retirement. I’m so glad you have the time to spend pursuing your blog, your crafts and time with Mr. B and the Divas. Travel, too. Did I mention how grateful I am that you travel!!!?

      Thanks for your nice comments. I started writing one thing, then it morphed into something else. Does that ever happen to you?

      I love all the common ground between us. I cherish that. xxo


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