All’s Well with Slinky

A quick Slinky Malinki update for all who’ve been following along: her labs came back normal!  She lost a bit of weight so they recommend a weight check in 30 days.  Otherwise, all’s well. =^..^=

We’re doing the happy dance! Thank you for your support

Slinky Warming Up

Slinky Warming Up

20 thoughts on “All’s Well with Slinky

  1. Awesome, little Slinky. This week just keeps getting better and better! That’s a cute picture, I see a kitty toy too! You must be so totally relieved. Slinky probably has never had so much tender care. 😀 Hugs all around x


    • Thank you. Hugs to you too for all your care and concern. Even Lindy is mellowing toward Slinky with very few tiffs. I’m working at keeping it that way, giving them both lots of attention and then keeping them apart as best as possible.



  2. Oh dear, what a relief! Senior kitties certainly face a slew of potential health concerns. My heart goes out to precious Slinky. What a marvel, and how fortunate she is to have you caring for her. Kitties can be so mysterious, puzzling in their ways. It’s wonderful to know that Slinky will never have to struggle for survival, and will always have a safe warm place to feel comfortable and much-loved. I’m happy for all of you, and send you love and hugs!


    • Thank you for the love and hugs. Right back at you.

      It’s sad the life stray cats lead. We’ll have to keep rescuing them one at a time until people finally realize that spay and neutering along with responsible ownership are the way to go. Thanks for all you do, A.


  3. To think that this cat who refused to be anywhere near a human being just a few short months ago can now make it successfully through vet visits and has a spot in your home is just amazing! You are a cat miracle worker!


    • Hi Laura,

      I just randomly checked “unread” notifications, and found yours among several. Thanks for posting and commenting.

      Thank you for your very kind words. Slinky has come a long, long way. She’s even venturing more since I wrote this in January, wandering around the house more and relaxing. I’m so relieved.


  4. I’m so happy to hear she’s okay. Now that she spends most of her time indoors, with warmth, plenty to eat, and a house full of loving people surrounding her (even if the men in your household are still afraid of her!) She’s a lucky girl.

    We’ll never know the unhappy life she led before coming to you. What matters is that you took her in, and she will have a happy life going forward. ;0) Good for you for sticking by her.


    • Awww. Thanks so much, Sharon. I’m so happy she’s finally settling in. She’s still so nervous, but knowing she doesn’t see well ads another dimension to things and explains a lot. The fact that she hears poorly, too, means she easily startles. Poor little thing.


  5. I’m so glad your wee puss is well. My boys love the Slinky Malinki stories and Hairy Maclary is another old favourite. My cat is a constant companion when I’m in the garden, I would miss her dreadfully should anything terrible happen.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


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