An Apple a Day, Plus a Candle You Say?

Cutting the tea light opening

Candle Cutter in Process

It’s fun decorating with consumables. Creating centerpieces from seasonal fruit, ensures a uniquely fresh and original setting at your holiday table. I was delighted to learn how to make a Clementine Candle yesterday. It was easy to do and smelled…well…good enough to eat. Pictures and a DIY video can be found here.

Making candles from fruit reminded me of my clever Candle Carver™.  It’s a gadget that carves the perfect, tea-light sized opening in the top of an apple.  Since you only remove the top portion, you can eat the rest of the apple centerpiece when you’re done.

I think Granny Smith would be proud.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Select three to five apples with flat, level bottoms.  They’ll need to stand firm, so nothing tipsy or top heavy.
  2. Insert the candle carver at the top (or bottom) of the apple, and twist till the base sits level with the opening.
  3. Remove and compost apple top.
  4. Insert tea lights into each apple, light and enjoy
Candle Cutter

Candle Cutter

Carved Opening

Carved opening, sized for a tea light

Apples, start to finish

I used three apples stem side up and two, stem-side down for variety

Apple Candles

Apple Candles (or genetically modified Pimiento Olives?)

This also works with pears, oranges, or any other fruit with a firm, supportive center.


10 thoughts on “An Apple a Day, Plus a Candle You Say?

  1. I have never seen that awesome tool around. I MUST have one too. I’ve pinned that. Did you order yours from the UK Alys? That is a great idea, eat up your candle holders later or bake a pie. I love when an item is lined up in multiples like that on a tablescape too. I’ve had the Party Lite Candles before too, they do burn very nicely. A while back everyone was having parties at the lake. I saw that Clementine idea at Pinterest too but never got to making them. Good for you. I liked the snowman on top too. You’re a creative hostess! Would be great to have a meal outside, all aglow with those cute apple candles…I can’t wait to try it.


    • I like the pie idea! And eating outdoors with apples and clementines lighting the way sounds superb.

      I bought my apple carver in town, but I’ve had it just long enough that I’ve forgotten where.

      Thanks for your always-thoughtful comments.


      • 😀 Welcome and thanks for making Jim’s life romantic, one post at a time, LOL check facebook.

        I really want one of those fun coring tools. I think I know where they’ll have one in Edmonton. It’s a store geared to hosting and entertaining.


  2. So simple and they look beautiful… I’d have a different fruit each week and maybe even a vegetable or two. can you imagine a butternut squash centre piece? Or a red cabbage! Ha ha! I’d have such fun 🙂


  3. I love the idea of using red cabbage. In fact, you could cut one in half, then carve out the half-moon side of the round. Clever you!

    Thank you, PJ. I look forward to your visits.

    By the way, have things dried out at all? We have showers today, but much needed on our end.


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