Blooming Thursday: Hidden Cyclamen

Many years ago, my friend, Leslie, gave me a gorgeous cyclamen for Valentine’s Day. I was between relationships and probably feeling sorry for myself. It was a sweet gesture and a stunning specimen of a plant.

pink cyclamen

Brilliant Fuchsia

The cyclamen sat on my coffee table for many weeks, producing bloom after bloom. Then, with little warning, the leaves began to drop. I’m not one to give up easily on plants, so I tried the usual things: more water, then less water, different light. Nothing. Eventually I was out of ideas. I upended the contents of the pot into the small strip of dirt near my apartment door. Imagine my surprise a year later when the cyclamen “came back to life.” Turns out cyclamens are tubers, also known as corms. The plant had simply gone dormant.

cyclamen corm

Cyclamen corm with emerging heart-shaped leaves

Cyclamens remain one of my favorite winter plants. I planted three in colorful pots on the deck last winter so I could watch them bloom from my kitchen window. When spring rolled around, I transplanted them to larger pots and paired them with spring annuals.

As my potted darlings closed up shop in the late spring, I scooped them out of the soil and moved them to the lower garden. I found a small patch of dirt under some tall grass next to the Magnolia tree. They would be in good company and would stay cool all summer long.

It was a sweet surprise to see them back in bloom this week, refreshed from the recent rains and ready to flourish.

white cyclamen

Shaded by the grass

What’s blooming in your garden?

Cyclamen Care. I especially like the beautiful drawing at the end of this link.

Halloween Countdown

Collector Pumpkin

Collector Pumpkin

14 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Hidden Cyclamen

  1. We have cyclamen popping up all over the place… the diggers came in to put in new drains and must have unearthed old corms. So amongst the ditch water and rubble I have little dots of loveliness 🙂


  2. No wonder I’ve had no luck with these beauties, I’ve been doing most everything wrong. I love that they come in white, as not too many house plants do. I have force white Hyacinths in the past as I love the smell. Maybe with any luck and tips at your link, I’ll do ok. I think they’re so dainty. Did you find they turn toward the sun? I’d come home to find the lot all on one side of the pot.


      • It wouldn’t want to be outside tonight…brrrr. Jim and I went out for supper in a busy busy part of town. We had to park really far away. The place is so fab though, we’ll take you there when you get to town. I had a bowl of borsch (beet soup) and a super yummy tomatoe salad and two glasses of wine LOL…I figure with such a light meal I deserved it…that’s my problem, I’m always treating myself.


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