Corpse Bride Costume Update

Corpse Bride: The Run Down

corpse bride ribs closeup

Corpse Bride Ribs

I put the finishing touches on my sister’s Corpse Bride costume this week. What fun!

The battered Corpse Bride wedding dress, is actually two pieces: a thin cotton top from a thrift store and the slip from my wedding dress. I washed the veil, lace and top in a bath of tea, then brushed the lace and top edges with a purple fabric marker.  I cut a hole in the “bodice” to accommodate a set of ribs, purchased from a local costume shop. I added some lace to give it more character and to make the two pieces appear like one.

The bodice lace has its own back story.  It was originally a pair of detachable sleeves for my wedding dress. I didn’t plan to wear them, so put the two sleeves together to make a bridal purse.  17 years later, the purse is now lace trim for a Corpse Bride.

Her veil is a re-purposed drapery panel, also from a thrift store, with a crown of dried flowers from my garden.  The bouquet is from the garden as well.

Corpse Bride Crown

Corpse Bride Crown
Drying Salvia (Mexican Sage)

Corpse Bride Flowers

Corpse Bride Flowers

She’s been working with a friend over several weekends to get her makeup just right. The finished results are breathtaking. I can’t wait to feature her debut.

Corpse Bride Ribs

Corpse Bride Ribs

Costume By Twos

Our party is just two weeks away so I need to get moving on my costume. Well…costumes. I’m making two.

My fitness camp instructor holds a fundraiser each year benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara Valley. It’s also a costume contest so I couldn’t resist. The challenge is putting together a costume that you can wear while exercising. I’ve come up with the worlds easiest costume, heretofore know as “Late for Boot Camp.” I plan to wear a garish pair of pajama pants that I purchased on the cheap (purple leopard anyone?), with a grey tank top I already have. I found a pair of Hello Kitty slippers on the clearance rack to complete the ensemble. The makeup is easy: I’ll got to bed *wearing* mascara, and my pillow will do the rest. I’ll wake up with raccoon eyes and a bright smile. The topper, of course: multicolored foam rollers in my hair. Remember those?

Bella Pilar Dress

Stay tuned for details of my second costume. I’ve pulled the pieces together, but need a few dedicated hours to sew the dress.  If only I could lose 10 pounds by Halloween.

Halloween Countdown

snail eating pumpkin collage

Snail-eating pumpkin
Exploiting a soft spot on the pumpkin

18 thoughts on “Corpse Bride Costume Update

  1. Sharon must be so excited too. I can’t imagine how much fun you’re going to have. Are you throwing a joint party? I started a Halloween Pinterest, people are so gung-ho and creative, I love it. The ribs are a nice touch, very goulish. Your pumpkin visitor is a pretty good sized snail, did it drill that hole? I’m surprised you have anything left in your garden after all the critters are done. hehe.


    • This our 8th year throwing a Halloween party. I don’t even remember exactly how it started. I get small pumpkins for the kids to decorate and we rent a bouncy house for all that energy. We serve orange food (cheese, gold fish crackers, oranges, etc.) and people come and go all afternoon. I take lots of pictures, and chat it up. I have a lot of fun. Sharon only moved back to the Bay Area three years ago. Last year was the first year she came and dressed up. She had a lot of fun.

      As for garden critters, it is amazing we have anything left. The best thing about the four huge pumpkins is how incredible tough the skin is. I hope Mike can carve them when the time comes. If not, I’ll just go round up a few more snails.


      • I noticed your count down calendar…it’s going by fast. I was in a dollar store today and stuff was flying off the shelf. I always like seeing what Ellen wears…my favorite was when she was Dr Phil…that’d be a fun do to be there!


  2. This costume reminds me of one my sister wore years ago but she didn’t have as much detail and special touches (sister’s wedding dress accessories). Looks great! Please show us the final pic with makeup and all.


  3. The Bride costume is going to be just beautiful (in a corpse like way!) and what’s so strange about exercising in pyjamas… don’t tell anyone but I sometimes wear mine for other-than-slumber reasons! Ha ha ha x


    • 🙂 The high school girls here wear PJs to school, so exercising in them is not really a stretch. Truth be told, I don’t wear them. I’m a nightshirt gal and I am *not* going out in public dressed like that. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting, PJ!


  4. I went to Natasha’s Closet after we spoke today. They did not recommend liquid latex. They said it would stick to my eyebrows and “rip” them out. Ouch! They suggested scar wax instead which I purchase and will experiment with. I wonder if I shouldn’t try to find some thin latex I could cut to cover the brows and adhere with spirit gum instead. Hmm…just a thought. ;0)


    • I’m glad you went there instead of the spirit store. They are really knowledgeable about makeup year round, unlike the Spirit stores that hire seasonal workers with less experience. Another thought is to send a text to Glenn. If anyone knows makeup, it’s him. He’ll steer you in the right direction.


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