Hiking the Quicksilver Trail

Karen and Dylan

Hiking Buddies

We officially launched our back-to-school hiking season today along one of the beautiful Quicksilver trails.  It was a perfect fall day! I hike with my friend Karen, and her sweet dog, Dylan during the school year.  With four children between us, we rarely find time for these hikes in the summer.  It’s good to be back.

Dylan was so happy to see me, that he climbed in my lap and prepared to stay there…all 58 pounds of him. Dogs have an innate ability to make you feel loved. I adore him! He was also happy to be back on the trail with his senses working in overdrive.

Almaden Quicksilver

Almaden Quicksilver boasts a vast web of trails throughout Almaden Valley, a suburb in Silicon Valley. Once home to Quicksilver Mines, it’s now a 4,152-acre county park “encompassing several historic remains, including abandoned towns, cemeteries, old equipment, and mine entrances.”

Hiking Trail

Almaden Quicksilver Hiking Trail

We’ve had no measurable rain for months, so the trails are a dry, brown hue. Though I love the verdant green winter and spring days, there is something magical about this time of year.  Evergreen shrubs and trees cast shadows on the well-worn trails. Patches of dried bramble shelter rabbits, lizards and birds. The soft rustling adds to the experience.

popcorn like flowers going to seed

Flowers going to seed or popcorn on the vine

Just as I bemoaned the fact that we’d not seen deer for a while, we spotted some near the head of the trail. Their legs blend in with the dried grass. I took my eyes off of them to adjust my camera, and they seemed to momentarily disappear.  My heart sings a little when I get a close glimpse of them. Wildlife continues to flourish in the heart of Silicon Valley.

A pair of deer at trail head

pair of deer

Always on the alert for predators

Halloween Countdown

Man of La Mancha pumpkin

Man of La Mancha Pumpkin
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

8 thoughts on “Hiking the Quicksilver Trail

    • Oh my! 58 pounds!!! I’ll have to amend my post.

      I’m so glad you spotted that first deer, Karen. It slowed us down to see the rest.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. My best friend at the lake was also a Karen. We must have walked 1,000 miles together. That looks like a great place to walk. I loved your words describing you spotting the dear “your heart sings”. Me too, it’s so wonderful to see nature, makes me feel like the world is alright. They’re so gentle and innocent. You’re so smart to carry your camera, thanks for sharing them, I’ve really missed that. I imagine Dylan was very interested? Buddy once dragged me along till I had to let go of his leash, then he happily ran into the forest after the deer…I called him for 1/2 hour, when he finally came I didn’t know whether to be mad or relieved…naturally I gave him a big hug.


    • Oh that must have been stressful, losing Buddy in the woods. I’m so glad he came back unharmed. Don’t you wish he had been wearing a camera?

      Dylan didn’t get the dear for a few minutes, but once he registered it was an animal he started barking. He scared off the first deer, but the other three didn’t seem to concerned. We see dogs by the dozen every time we hike, so the deer are no doubt used to them.

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, nature does make it seem that the world is Aldridge. Well said.


  2. Love the deer shots. I’m not privy to that anymore since I can’t “walk” anymore ;0( That’s okay I can live vicariously through you two!


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