Blooming Thursday: Seeds for the Holidays



cosmos going to seed

Cosmos going to seed

The idea came to me in late July. I started collecting Cosmo seeds to give as gifts for the holidays. This prolific annual grew in abundance throughout the summer.  It was such a pleasure watching the plant bloom and bloom.  I want to share that with others.

Cosmos are easy to grow and spectacular to behold.They grow in planters or directly in the ground, and thrive with little fuss. It’s a cheerful gift for the middle of winter: the promise of spring blooms.

I’ve been mulling over design ideas, and finally hit on the perfect one.  I created a five-panel accordion card using Creative Memories software. Starting with a basic design, I added photos to the front panels, leaving a placeholder on the last panel for the packet of seeds. I included planting instructions and additional photos on the reverse side of the panels.

Cosmos Seed Cards - Front Panel

Cosmos Seed Card – Front Panel

Cosmos Seed Cards - Back Panel

Cosmos Seed Card – Back Panel

I bought a packet of 50, 3.5 inch square glassine envelopes for the seeds.  The back panel is 4 inches square. They are the perfect.size.

I can’t wait to order the sample card to be sure all the details came together. In the meantime I’m making envelopes for the cards using last year’s garden calendar.  I’m having so much fun.

Are you giving gifts from the garden this year?


My Beloved Cosmos:


14 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Seeds for the Holidays

  1. Alys – you’re so clever! They’re such a lovely idea and I’m sure people will adore them! I’m trying to collect cosmos seeds but everything is absolutely wet through so I’m not holding out much hope. I’ve already discarded one batch that had furry mould growing on the side 😦


    • Thanks so much, PJ. I just ordered the sample card. I hope it turns out okay.

      Sorry to hear about the soggy seeds. I guess there isn’t much to be done about it, is there? 😦

      They do self seed, so no doubt you’ll have them all over the garden this time next year. Perhaps you can put an umbrella over the plant?

      Kidding!!! I hope you get a few more dry days, though.


  2. Awesome!, I really fancy the accordian design, versus just a two fold card. The pictures and artwork are perfect. Your seed gifts will be so personal. I could see using the idea for so many other gifties. Where are you getting them printed? Will it be a double sided 20″ x 4″ layout that you’ll score and fold yourself?


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