Autumunal Equinox: Love for all Seasons

Wedding day

Fall leaves, summer flowers, happy bride and groom

Summer officially turned to fall today (September 22nd). The autumnal equinox marks the time of year when day and night are of equal length. It’s also a personal milestone. I married the love of my life on the first day of autumn 17 years ago. Autumn landed on September 23rd that year, but no matter.  Symbolically, the days feel like one and the same.

We both share a love of the outdoors, so exchanging vows on the grounds of the elegant Wente Brothers Winery was perfect. When I walked down the “aisle,” it was actually a grassy courtyard.  We held hands and declared our love beneath a flower-laden arch. I still have a small pressed flower from my tossed bouquet.

After one night in San Francisco we honeymooned along the Mendocino coast. We hiked local beaches, rode the Skunk Train amid redwoods and toured a botanical garden hugging the coast.

Nature is a great equalizer. Seasons change, life ebbs and flows. The majesty of the earth brings a uniting force to bear.  As the autumnal equinox ushers in shorter days and longer nights, I’m grateful for the love in my life; grateful for my love in all seasons.

Mendocino Coast

Home along the Mendocino Coast

wild hens Mendocino

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens


Mr. Wonderful in Magnificent Mendocino

14 thoughts on “Autumunal Equinox: Love for all Seasons

  1. Awwwww, just look at you kids! You are glowing. Happy Anniversary to you and Mike, 17 years and you still call him the love of your life, that is just so dear. You would chuckle if I showed you a picture of my wedding dress from my first marriage (I kept it because my dad gave me away), the neckline and little sleeve are identical. Your flowers were so pretty and the location looked fabulous. It’s an easy date for me to remember. Such a blessing to find a partner you are so well suited with and can share your life with, some will look there entire lives. I guess we got lucky, congratulations!


    • I never thought I would find a “Mike” in my future. I feel so fortunate that we found each other.

      How interesting to note the similarities in our wedding dresses. We are cerebral twins to be sure, with so many interesting parallels in our life.

      Thank you for your kinds words.


  2. What a sweet remembrance….Jeff and I honeymooned in Mendicino too. Happy Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I hope you find some quiet moments
    together to celebrate the two of you.


  3. What a beautiful and ongoing love story! I’m so happy for the both of you, that you found each other, and have created such a rewarding, meaningful life together. I loved the details of your wedding and honeymoon — so perfectly suited to you.

    And I enjoyed — and share — your insightful observations on the changing of the seasons, an eloquent tribute to Nature. Wishing you many more love-filled seasons!


    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting, CC. We are good together, something I’ve come to realize is not as common as I thought. We are both happy and work hard not to take each other for granted.

      I love the pics of the kitty you are fostering. What a handsome boy. How is Dusty doing?


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