Blooming Thursday: Bachelor’s Button

According to the Bachelor’s Button seed packet, this “care-free, drought tolerant annual, adds vertical interest and an array of colors to your garden.” Well.

Perhaps there was a single’s dance going on a few gardens over, because my Bachelor’s were largely a no-show. The ones that are in bloom were late to the party, blooming two days before Autumn officially arrives. Bachelor’s Button, also know as cornflower are drought tolerant and require “little pampering.”  So what gives?

Were they jealous of the cosmos getting all the attention this summer? Maybe they didn’t get enough sun. I offered them plenty to drink and lots of encouragement. There is always enough love to go around in my garden.

I’ll just chalk it up to “one of those things” and “you can’t win them all” and I’ll move on <sniff-sniff>.

Here are a couple of pics of the one or two that grew.

Bachelor's button bud

Flower or fish? I love those multicolored scales.

Bachelor's Button flower

Bachelor’s Button handsome profile

Bachelor's Button closeup

There’s the promise for next year.

14 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Bachelor’s Button

  1. I”ve often wondered if sometimes the seeds are just on the shelf too long and have decided they don’t want to pop. Haven’t always had great luck with seeds but then, haven’t tried too often either. They are pretty though. Maybe they will surprise you next year.


  2. They’re a gorgeous color, almost a periwinkle. I’ve had them in the garden a few times, they never come back the next year since we grow them as an annual. I hope you have better luck next year. I wonder if overplanting the area with fresh seeds would help?


  3. That’s a shame – they may just pop up again next year! Ours usually do really well and they flower twice, once in May and after a good haircut they come back again in July/August!
    A cat used to sleep in the middle of the cornflower patch and make an unsightly hole… but he looked so peaceful it never bothered me too much. We all need peace!
    Nice photos Aly x


    • How sweet that you left the cat sleeping in the flowers. Any photos of that perchance?

      Now that you’ve said yours flower in May, I wonder if I need to plant them even earlier. I’m going to try them again next year, plant them earlier and in a different spot. I’ll let you know.

      Thanks for your kind words and for your continued readership.


  4. I don’t think I have any photos unfortunately – I’ve only had this camera for 8 months and the cornflower cat was about 8 years ago!!
    I look forward to reading your posts Alys so you’ll find it hard to shake me off 🙂


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