Blooming Thursday: Party in the Anemones

Prolific Anemones bloomed about six weeks ago, monopolizing the back garden fence. I’ve been gathering them into bouquets every few days, then bringing them indoors. Little did I know that atop those crisp white blooms and their buttercup yellow centers there was a party going on.


Anemones line the fence

It wasn’t your typical, garden-variety party.  In fact, I wasn’t even invited.  Apparently you needed four to six legs to attend, and the invites are on the QT.  I don’t think my neighbors even knew!

The party host wasn’t available for comment, so instead I snapped a few pics of the guests.  Our host has an eclectic group of friends, including elegant grasshoppers, busy-body ants and even the low-brow house fly.  I didn’t recognize all of the party goers. A few of their identities remain a mystery.

mystery spotted bug

Mystery Guest

I don’t want to name names, but things may have gotten a bit out of hand.  I saw a small spider chatting with a grasshopper, and in the next shot…the spider was gone!  Do you think I should say something to the host?  One of the spotted guests spent most of his time at the food table, while the ant kept darting in and out of the petals.  I think he had too much pollen to drink.

Grasshopper and Spider on Anemone

A grasshopper and a spider chatting it up

mystery spotted bug

Ant running laps. Too much pollen?

The house fly enjoyed making the rounds, but the others seemed to be avoiding her.  It might have been her over-powering perfume.

Anemone house fly

Flowers and Flies

I’m no party crasher, so I finished taking my pictures and left.  Back on the patio steps once again, you would never know there was a party going on.

anenome side view
anemone going to seed

25 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Party in the Anemones

  1. LOL! You crashed the party Alys and lived to tell the tale! The anenomes are super… I have some pink ones but I prefer your white ones 🙂 Have a great weekend… and no more crashing parties x


  2. oh how pretty, like a cascade of snowy mountain tops. We do grow them here but as a low plant, maybe 6″ or so….I’ve never seen them like this. Loved your party scenario, very entertaining and creative, wish I was the fly on the wall that one..hehe. I’m beginning to think ants will take over the world, they are everywhere…we had them really bad on the deck for a while….seems they’ve relocated? The Anemones are pretty with and without petals I think. Great photo’s Alys.


    • Thank you, Kelly. How interesting to know they grow at such different heights. I should read up on them a bit more.

      Our ant population is also in decline. We had them all over the patio, in the tree with the thrips and near Slinky’s food. I have an old Pyrex dish with the lid inverted sitting on a plastic bowl to create a mote and to keep her food fresh. I try to sit with her while she eats but she doesn’t always cooperate.


    • That they are. She really does enjoy my company, and loves it when I’m in the garden. I visit with her two meals a day, and then she visits me when I’m gardening, but always with a leery eye out for Lindy. We ate dinner outside tonight and she came about half way up the garden pathway. She bolts, though, at the slightest provocation. I’m definitely going to implement my indoor plan when is starts to cool down. I think she’ll want to be inside by then. I hope so.


        • That is very weird, even the last reply I just typed doesn’t show an arrow….One night I happened to look at followers and it said 126!!! I thought WHAT, when did that happen? Then 10 minutes later it said 90 which is what I thought it should be…I’m glad to hear I’m not imagining things..Awwww, thanks for reading everything and being such a good friend.


  3. Very entertaining post – it made me smile – lovely photos too even if full of unwanted guests – you won’t mind if I do a link through to your post from my blog would you – I am sure anyone visiting my blog will find it as amusing as I have – and why haven’t the Freshly Pressed team spotted it I wonder?


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