Birdhouse Gourd: Found a Peanut?

I’ve encountered more surprises from our Birdhouse Gourd vine. The early fruit looks just like a peanut!  Aren’t they cute?

Bird House Gourd Fruit

Bird House Gourd Emerging Fruit

The first budding fruit was round, but the newer ones are all shaped like a miniature version of things to come.

Also surprising are the leaves. I’ve been carefully avoiding them, assuming they were rough like the pumpkins but learned as I brushed against one they are as soft as peach fuzz.  What a fun plant!

bird house gourd leaves

Peach Fuzz Texture on the Gourd’s Leaves

bird house gourd flower bud

Budding Flower

bird house gourd flower

Birdhouse Gourd in Full Bloom

bird house gourd tendril

Curling Tendril

Do you have any new discoveries in your garden this season? Please share in the comments, below.

4 thoughts on “Birdhouse Gourd: Found a Peanut?

  1. Looks so healthy Alys. Your camera skills always get such detail, I can totally imagine the softness. I’ve been working in my little hanging baskets on the porch. Things are mid-season and getting leggy or even done blooming (snaps). I’m pinching back hoping for a 2nd spurt of flowers soon. How can it be August already?


    • August did creep up on us, didn’t it? We had such a mild spring and summer that it didn’t really feel the season had arrived. Now autumn is just seven weeks away!!!

      Thanks for your kind compliments. I’m learning a little more with the camera each day.

      Funny, but when I transplanted the snaps to make room for a coleus, they took on a second life. My impatiens, however, got leggy early and I eventually took them out. They looked pretty bad.


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