Blooming Thursday: Lemony Yellows


The first flower on my lemony yellow tour self-seeded from last year. Within two weeks it was covered in buds and blooms and tripled in size.  My friend Laura, referred to it as a Four O’clock, the time it usually blooms.  Our plant must think it’s in a different time zone, as it was in full bloom at 9:00 this morning.

Yellow Wildfowers

Lemony Yellow Wildflowers

Next up are the ‘Evergreen Yellow’ daylilies surrounding our Magnolia.  Is it just me, or do the stamen look like delicate, curling fingers?

yellow daylillies

Trio of Daylily Flowers

Yellow Daylily

Yellow Daylily Up Close

Rounding up the tour, we have Fuzzy little Kangaroo Paws shooting up behind the lilies. They’ll grow to about three feet tall and will bloom now through fall.  Aren’t they sweet?

'Harmony' Kangaroo Paws

‘Harmony’ Kangaroo Paws

What’s blooming in your garden this Thursday?


9 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Lemony Yellows

  1. The water drops in your photos are a nice touch. We have two reliable, long lasting, and deer-resistant “yellows” that we love, our yellow Yarrows and our St. John’s Wort.


    • Thanks, Bob.

      I love that thick bundle of flowers on the Yarrow. It’s nice to hear you can grow something so beautiful without the deer eating it for lunch. I’ve heard (but not seen) of the St. John’s Wort. I’ll go take a look.


  2. Kangaroo Paws? What a cute name, we don’t have that one here. Three feet tall, that’d be stunning. I love your daylily, I grew Stella Dior in my old garden, also yellow. They’re so bright and cheery!


        • Good morning to you…well, I guess it’s the afternoon now.

          How was your golf game? I went to fitness camp early this morning, then took the boys to IHOP. I’m back home and working on my new website. It’s a lot of work…but it must be done.


          • Fitness camp and IHOP, that’s a well rounded day. It was a beautiful day for golf and pretty darn hot too. I try not to focus on the heat since our summers are short. A new website? That’s exciting, will it focus on Organizing or Gardening or one of your other many talents?


            • Yes, the irony of that combo is not lost on me either. I did okay though, ordering pouched eggs and the healthy and fit pancakes. Not potatoes either. (I wanted to though). Hee!

              Although much of the US is experiencing terrible heat and dry conditions, we are having a mild summer. We’ve had a few hot days here and there, but not heat trends.

              I’ve been taking classes with BlogAid (online via phone) so that I can own and operate my own organizing site. My site has changed “hands” twice, and I still have no control over the upkeep so…I don’t. I’ll be combining my website and my blog into one site. I’ll have all the flexibility I have with this blog which will be nice. It’s been a lot of work though, learning to properly resize photos, writing content, learning various plug ins, etc. It’s all good though. I hope to launch my new site in the next two weeks.

              When do you typically start getting cooler days? September?


  3. Good for you to start learning something new! I’ll look forward to finding you there. September can still be pretty nice even though days are getting shorter (longest day June 21, Shortess day Dec 21) I guess it’s still averages 17C – 22C (63F – 72F). Usually Jan Feb Mar is the kicker although last year was very very mild (the year b4 it started to snow in October and never stopped until spring….it was CRAZY.


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