Natural Gifts: Collecting Cosmo Seeds

The idea came to me a few weeks ago: I’ll collect Cosmo seeds to give as gifts for the holidays.

The prolific flowers are easy to grow and spectacular to behold. Cosmos grow in planters or directly in the ground, and thrive with little fuss.  It’s a cheerful gift for the middle of winter: the promise of spring blooms.  They’ve given me pleasure all summer long. I want to share that with others.

Collecting seeds is easier than I thought.  I’ve enlisted the services of my enormous pumpkin leaves. The vines have gently wrapped themselves around the base of the Cosmos, so they’re perfectly positioned for catching seeds.  What synergy.  I gently shake the seeds from the leaves into a bowl and bring them inside for safe keeping.

Cosmo Seeds

Cosmo seeds resting in the crook of a pumpkin leaf

Designing the seed packet will be fun.  I have several ideas rattling around in my head.   I might employ the use of my Creative Memories digital scrap-booking software to make postcard-sized packets.  I have several photos to use in the design as well.

I’ve enjoyed making envelopes from prior year’s wall calendars so that also has possibilities.  I use a template to trace the envelope, then fold and seal.  I’ll download planting instructions from the internet and then print them on creamy card stock.

Calender into envelope

I turned my garden calendar pages into 4 x 6 envelopes.

My little seed packets will be small gifts with big potential, given with hope and affection.

Do you enjoy giving gifts from your garden?  Perhaps you make jam preserves, dried flower bouquets or lavender sachets?  I love hearing from you and hope you’ll share in the comments, below.

9 thoughts on “Natural Gifts: Collecting Cosmo Seeds

  1. I’m kicking myself looking at your fab idea with the calendar. For years I bought a Victorian calendar and stashed them in the attic. When we moved they went in the garage sale. That is such a nice gift! Super Cute. Did you make your own template for the envelope?


    • Thank you!

      I bought the envelope template at a craft store over ten years ago, but I’ve seen templates on line too. Let me see if I can find one for you.

      No worries about the calendars you sold. You can start saving your calendar this year.


  2. What a gorgeous idea! I love to give garden gifts… fresh flowers, vegetables and produce such as jam and damson gin! I hadn’t thought of seeds as gifts and so I’ll be doing this too. Thanks for the great idea x


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