Miniland Wonders: Bonsai meets Legos

Can’t you just see the job description:  ‘Lego builders wanted, must play well with others.  Patience and math skills a plus.’

Without further ado, today’s blog is brought to you in pictures. All of the models are built from Legos.   The trees and flowers are real but pruned to scale:

San Francisco, California

New England

New England meets Bonsai

Star Wars Episode IV: Tatooine

Las Vegas, Nevada

Historic Ferndale, California
(This one’s for you, Bonnie)

Not pictured: Washington, DC, New Orleans, New York and Southern California. There is also a Star Wars Miniland, featuring scenes from all six episodes.

Blending The Two
A. Bison
B. Golden Goose
C. Elephant near succulents
D. Bison close-up
E. Dragon tail

What’s Growing at LEGOLAND

Native Wildlife
(That lizard tried to impress me with push ups)

6 thoughts on “Miniland Wonders: Bonsai meets Legos

  1. wow, incredible – we saw a traveling Lego display once in Virginia of all the historic buildings like the White House and Liberty bell and a bunch of monuments, it was super cool. My son went to Lego Land in Denmark a few years back. I can’t believe how much those buildings look like the ones here in my town – I can name every one of them – looks like you had a great time – thanks for the picture Alys.

    P.S. my son is 29 and still asks for Legos for Christmas, and at one time in college he had a two bedroom apt. one room for him and one for his Legos – and yes he really does have that many!


    • Bonnie, how fun that you could name each building. I’m so glad you posted when you did, because with all the distractions, I don’t think I would have registered that the Ferndale in LEGOLAND was one and the same. You’ll have to go one day.

      I’m delighted to hear your son has such a passion for Legos and that he got to see the original park in Denmark. Do you have an photos of his creations?

      Mac was a big fan for awhile, but his interest has drifted to Minecraft where he creates with virtual blocks.


      • WOW, I never knew this georgeous place existed for real, Thank’s so much for the link Alys. I’ve been in every cottage (I like Sweet Dreams), and all around town. Did you notice they have a cooking school? Mr B and I have already talked about ‘The Fourth Of July, 2013’. The Whale Watching cruise will take you out to watch the fireworks!!! It’s a quick 4,380 km drive from home..HA. I guess we’d fly via Ottawa, or an America carrier via the US. Have you already been?


        • I’ve never been but would love to go. Such charm. We’ve been to the east coast of the US (Boston, MS, New London, CT and the tip of New Hampshire. I’m originally from London, Ontario, but I’ve not been back since my childhood.


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