Father’s Day: Lost and Found

I celebrate two fathers today, my dad who died when I was nine, and my husband, wonderful father to our sons.

My dad was a horticulturist by trade, but loved all things gardening so much that he gardened on the weekends as well.  We took turns on the one-way wheelbarrow rides, while he hauled rocks to our London, Ontario back yard.  He built a meandering brook throughout the garden, then added trees, flowers, and in the short summer, vegetables.  I tasted my first cherry tomato from that garden.  I remember walking through the back door of our kitchen with a handful of tomatoes and giving them to my mom as she prepared lunch.  Is it any wonder I inherited Dad’s green thumb?

Eric Milner
Father, painter, gardener, hobbyist, animal-lover

My husband loves the garden and the gardener, but not the actual day-to-day joy of gardening.  That said, we’ve spent many an hour together planning, creating, digging, and simply enjoying our garden.  Like anyone who truly loves you, my man celebrates and embraces my joy of all things green.  Our sons love and admire him.  He’s smart, kind, clever, generous and most days, a kid at heart.  The greatest gift to any son is to be a stand up guy.  What lucky boys!

Mike Francini
Husband and father, self-described computer geek, Renaissance man
He’s traveled the world, speaks with fluency in two languages, sails, tinkers, and loves his family.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad I lost and to the dad I found.  Happy Father’s Day to you and yours.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day: Lost and Found

  1. I loved your tribute, your dad sounded like a real gem. I be he’d be tickled that you find such joy in the garden too. I’m sorry to hear you grew up with out him by your side. It’s such a blessing to have a happy, healthy family and aren’t they a handsome bunch.


    • I think of my dad when I garden. I’ve always felt a connection to him there. He would be tickled for sure. He was such a kind, decent man.

      I love the family I made. They bring me joy every day. Thank you for your gracious comments, too.

      I can’t wait to tell all of them that “Boomdeeadda” thinks they are handsome. They will get such a kick out of that.


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