Front Garden Remodel Turns Two

Two years ago this month, we “remodeled” our front yard.  For years we talked about adding a front deck or patio.  We live on a neighbor-friendly block with kids galore so we were often out front socializing.  We chatted with friends standing in the driveway or sitting on chairs in the garage.  We eventually added a bench and then a swing, but what we longed for was a full-sized patio or deck.

Around the same time, it was becoming more and more difficult for my sister to access our home.  Our entry way consisted of two concrete steps, original to the 50-year-old house, and her MS made it difficult for her to come and go.

We hired the talented team of Bergez and Associates and Natural Bridges Landscaping, to create our suburban paradise.  We’ve found so much joy with our outdoor room!  My sister can come and go unassisted, a boon to her independence.  We also realized that the ramp will allow us to age in place since the house is now easily accessible.

It’s amazing to look back at the newly installed garden.  The plants established beautifully.

Here’s a look:

Garden and Deck, June 2012

Garden and Deck, June 2010

Near the Magnolia: 2010/2012

Kitty Corner, With Special Thanks to Candace

14 thoughts on “Front Garden Remodel Turns Two

  1. It’s almost Southern. What it is missing is . . . ME! Sitting there drinking a virgin mint julep (an empty glass with a sprig of mint) with my pal Alsy. I really like the 2010 and 2012 comparison in the last 3 photos. Your foliage has come in nicely. Excellent design on the curving walk/ramp.


    • Bob, when are you headed this way? You are welcome on my porch/deck any time. I have mint out back. We can make fresh lemonade with mint and shoot the breeze.

      J.P. Bergez, the landscape designer, is in his early twenties! We were blown away with his design. The wide walls serve three purposes: they create a wall for the ramp, as well as a place to sit. They are wide enough for pumpkins in the fall and for flowering pots.

      The ramp is also fun for the kids. My neighbor has a day care next door, and they all congregate on the ramp and deck at the end of the day while they wait for moms and dads. They sometimes chat with me through the window. So much fun!

      Thanks, for your generous comments.


  2. It’s beautiful. The landscaping is terrific, it never fails to amaze me what a difference well placed plants and shrubs can make, I’m a huge shrubs fan.


  3. WOW, that is just stunning. It’s apparent to me that it really pays off to higher professionals. I really like how you’ve posted the progress of your awsume garden. That is one lucky kitty!


    • Thank you! I agree. J.P. has such a good eye. The way he incorporated the deck, the hard-scape, the ramp and the plantings was impressive. The ramp, for safety and code reasons, had to slope up 1 foot per inch. The drop from stoop to curb was an amazing 18 inches. So for it to work, it needed a gentle curve from street to deck height. He even incorporated a level landing so you can break up the walk up or down, important when mobility is challenging.


  4. You have a beautiful garden, perfectly set up for socialising. I love the idea of incorporating the long ramp in a nice sweeping line. It is great to see before and after pics, your plants have come along very well.


    • Thank you so much. We get a lot of comments on that ramp because it is so unexpected. It’s pretty and functional, as all good design should be (form follows function…and all that).

      The other pluses: my boys like running down the ramp and for awhile used it with scooters. The mail carrier uses it to cross from the neighbors house, and I use it when I transport my rolling scrap-booking cart.

      Thank you for your gracious comments as well.


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