Blooming Thursday: Blue and Gold

Entry way pots: Snapdragons and ‘Lucia Dark Blue’ lobelia

The garden is awash in cool blues and warm yellows today.  I bought a few annuals to spruce up the entry way, then realized how much blue and gold we already have.

I found some cobalt blue beer bottles in the garage, left over from my husband’s home-brewing days.  If the stars align, the yellow lilies will still bloom.  The bottles will make beautiful bud vases and the yellows will look gorgeous in contrast to the rich blue.  To hedge my bets, I planted Impatiens in one of my recycled soy candle jars.  It’s pretty…but pink.

No worries. Blue and gold remain center stage.  Here’s what’s blooming:


Blue and Gold

‘Moonchimes’ Chinese Lantern

Wildflowers, Re-seeded from Last Summer

Hydrangea: It’s Blue *and* Gold!

3 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Blue and Gold

  1. Your garden will have the perfect display of blue and gold for your Cal guy! What a nice tribute you’re paying to him! I’m vicariously — and in great detail, thanks to you — enjoying the love and care going into all the preparations for the party. Cheers to you all, from us — We’ll drink a toast to your health, happiness, and many more celebrations to come!


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