Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.  Everything gets reduced to essentials.  ~Meryl Streep

My Mom loved Cyclamens and Poppies

Dedicated to my friend Betsy, who recently lost her mom and misses her terribly.

6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. So beautiful! And so thoughtful of you to dedicate this to Besty, as you remember your own mom. This can be an emotionally difficult day, as our hearts feel the ache of the loss of those precious to us. I hope you’re enjoying a lovely day with your family, cherishing and feeling cherished.


    • Thank you,CC. I feel tremendous love from the family I made and treasure them all. I have thought a lot about my mom this week. I tend to think more about her leading up to this sort of day (Mother’s day which she loathed as a “Hallmark” holiday) or her birthday which we shared (I was born on her 40th). I despised Father’s Day growing up…I felt so left out having lost my dad at such a young age. I know a lot of folks struggling with these sort’s of days. We all do our best, and sigh a sigh of relief when the day is past and we can go on remembering in a more natural way. I hope you enjoyed time with your mom.


      • Thank you for graciously sharing those thoughts. I’m glad you are surrounded by such love from your family, and hope it eases the sting of the more cumbersome memories. Holidays — or the hype surrounding them — can be so stressful and emotionally charged. I did have a nice visit with my mom and family (we celebrated early last weekend). I’m very fortunate. I do tend to become a bit melancholy, though, as I ponder the nature of motherhood, the deep nurturing bond between mother and child…. I grieve for those who are robbed of it.

        Anyway, yes, glad it’s over. No time to stop and dwell… lots going on…


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