Garden Kitties Make the Rounds

We have awesome cat netting around our back yard fence, allowing our cats to roam safely within the confines of our yard.  They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and like joining me on my daily gardening rounds.  The netting keeps them safe from traffic, cat fights and other assorted mischief.

You can learn more about the Cat Fence-In® System here.

My feline companions include:

Lindy, aka Lindy-Lu
We adopted Lindy from our local Humane Society in 2005

Slinky Malinki
Feral kitty has come a long way
She showed up as a stray about two years ago

This neighborhood cat is every one's best friend.
Named Mighty Mouse, aka Mousy and Mouse

Beijing, also known as Beige, Large-Marge and Grumpy Gus
We assumed this beauty had a home, but with no collar and no microchip, we never located her owner.
She joined the crew about two years ago.
(Thanks anyway, but I think I'll stay here on the couch)

2 thoughts on “Garden Kitties Make the Rounds

  1. I’m not fond of cats, as you may remember, but I deeply respect the love and care you lavish on them, and I enjoy your photos and words about them. Lucky is the cat to be part of Alsy’s world.


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