Happy Earth Day

I found an interesting quiz on the site Act Earth Day.  It estimates your ecological footprint, based on a series of questions.  At the end of the quiz you can explore ways to improve your impact on our planet.

You can find the quiz here.

I thought I would score better than I did and I’m disappointed.  Clearly I have room for improvement!  On the plus side:

  • I’m a vegetarian (eating lower on the food chain)
  • I recycle, reuse and re-purpose
  • I plant a vegetable garden (small plot) each year
  • One of our two cars is a Prius
  • All of our appliances are Energy Star
  • We insulated our home and installed dual-pane windows throughout
  • Our heat is off during the day; set to 66 at night during the colder months.

The quiz suggested I travel locally (instead of flying) for my next vacation and consider using public transportation.  I should buy less packaged food and improve my local food consumption.

Please let me know if you take the quiz and if so, how you did. I pledge to do better this year.  I hope you have something wonderful planned to celebrate our beautiful planet.

Feathered Observer

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Happy Earth Day to you, conscientious gardener! Good job on your ecological footprint. I haven’t taken the quiz yet, myself, but judging from your plusses and suggested areas of improvement, I can see that I’d probably fare similarly. Thanks for providing such interesting and useful information!


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