The Bad News…

Broken Ladder, Wounded Pride

I fell off a ladder trying to net the fruit tree.  The good news: I landed in a soft growth of ferns.  The bad news: my son saw me fall and he’s a bit worried.  The good news:  no real injuries other than my wounded pride, a bruise on my shin and a tender tailbone.  More  bad news: I broke the ladder.  The good news:  this paragraph has drawn to a close.

We bought bird netting for the fruit tree and I was attempting to drape it from the top.  The leg of the ladder sank into a soft patch of dirt, fell sidewise into the fence and deposited me backwards. It’s hard not to feel like the village idiot. It’s not the first time I’ve been up on a ladder.  I should have made sure that fourth leg was stable.

So, the netting is now unceremoniously stuffed around the tree.  Next time…I’m glad I get to say next time.

Ladder Safety according to the OSHA Quick Card complied by the United States Department of Labor.

Kitty Decided to Net Himself

Practicing His "I'm Innocent" Look

5 thoughts on “The Bad News…

  1. Oh dear, oh my! I’m glad, and not the least bit surprised, to see that your good humor remained intact. You are a super-trooper. And, an irrepressible blogger to post so promptly after the incident, with photos, yet!! And a Ladder Safety link! Thank you for sharing. Kitty appears unfazed by the whole ordeal, and seems to have been the unintended beneficiary of a great new play thing.

    Glad the injuries weren’t as bad as they could’ve been. Hope you recover quickly, and that your “next time” will be uneventful. I’m sure we’ll be treated to a post about it, along with a photo of a well-netted fruit tree…


    • Thank you so much for your gracious comments. I’m bruised in a few places today but none the worse for wear.

      Kitty belongs to the neighbors but makes the rounds. He loved that netting for some reason, and kept diving underneath it. He’s a character, that one. We love him.


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