Farmtek: I’ve Arrived

Greenhouse Available from Farmtek®

As a professional organizer, I’ve worked diligently to remove my name from mailing lists.  Using Catalog Choice, I’ve stopped most direct-mail ads and over 100 catalogs from filling my mailbox.

So imagine how silly I looked when a catalog called Farmtek® arrived with today’s mail and my heart skipped a beat.  Did this mean someone thought I was a farmer?  Little did they know I plant on a tiny plot of land in the suburbs of what was once beautiful orchards.  Our entire lot, including the house, is only 6,000 square feet. Once home to apricots and prunes, our agricultural heritage gave way to Apple, Cisco, Intel and HP.

It’s unlikely I’ll be ordering grow lights for my (non-existent) greenhouse or an air inflation system, though the idea of both is appealing.  Thumbing through the catalog I found a few items for small-scale gardeners, but nothing I can’t buy in town.  I’m afraid Farmtek’s® catalog is headed the way of most.  It was fun though, getting a small glimpse into the shopping options of a farmer.

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