Garden Jewels: Dress to Impress

The well dressed garden always looks smart.  Unpretentious, she boasts the latest colors and styles.  Last season’s fuchsias look timeless tucked neatly in front of hydrangeas.  Lacy ferns appeal to her feminine side, always graceful and light.

Her classic beauty lends itself to the yellow of a rose, evoking the earthy scent of lemon wafting through the air.  Grassy skirts compliment her regal stature, with a showy crown of alyssum just for fun.

The well dressed garden knows how important it is to accessorize.  Accessories take the garden from now to wow.

She’s agreed to share some of her favorites here, gifts from cherished friends.

Even a robin would buy a home from this lovely gift-giver

A ruby-red heart from a grammatical guru

The Happily Ever After Woods

Soleada de un viejo amigo, querido

It's True

2 thoughts on “Garden Jewels: Dress to Impress

  1. I love all of your garden delight pictures! Perhaps I’m especially fond of the lovely, mosaic birdhouse, but that’s probably just because it feels like kin to me. 😉


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