This Bud’s For…

The Buds Have It

If I finish that thought, I’m afraid I’ll be sued. It happened years ago to a florist who received a cease and desist order for using “This Bud’s For You” as the name of a flower shop. I never developed a taste for “Bud’s” or suds of the drinking variety, but I do love the buds in my garden.

According to Wikipedia, “In botany, a bud is an undeveloped or embryonic shoot and normally occurs in the axil of a leaf or at the tip of the stem. Once formed, a bud may remain for some time in a dormant condition, or it may form a shoot immediately.”

I love their embryonic nature. I’m in my fifties and I still marvel at the wonders of a seed, a bud, a flower and a fruit, that perfectly orchestrated cycle of plant life. But it’s the bud that holds the promise of tomorrow; new beginnings, fresh starts.

This undeveloped, embryonic shoot is for you!

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