A Camera’s Perspective

Capturing moments with a camera allows us to revisit them at our leisure. Cameras record the things we intended, but often reveal surprises too. It happens to me time and again in the garden. While focused on a flower, I later discover a delicate web, a miniscule bug or an interesting play of light.

mouse found a peanut

Found a peanut

Of course when you take as many pictures as I do, the delete key is your friend. How wonderful it is in this digital age to snap hundreds of photos, knowing you don’t have to trek to your local photo processing store a week later, wondering what, if anything, turned out. It’s liberating.

orange poppies

I was so focused on photographing these California Poppies, that I failed to notice the pretty yellow and purple wildflowers growing in the mix.

Are pictures integral to your blog? Do you write first, then add photos later? Or do you write a story around the photos you have? Since most of my readers are also bloggers, I’m interested in hearing about your approach. If you’re a non-blogging reader, what draws you in?  Please join the conversation, below.

polka dot plant with web

Polka dot plant sports a tiny web

Halloween Countdown:

fashionable pumpkin

This stylish pumpkin takes re-fashion to a whole new level. Check out her ‘sixy’ mouth and her inquisitive nose. New this year, mismatched eyelashes. The sexy mole is also back. Finally, if you aren’t wearing trash on your head, you’ll have missed the biggest trend of all.