Merry Christmas from the Family Felines

It’s hard to time a holiday blog for two hemispheres. Further, not everyone celebrates Christmas.

If you’re celebrating today, or perhaps you’re reading this on Boxing Day, I hope your season is merry.

And if today is just a random Tuesday (or Wednesday), I hope your days are merry, too.

Tessa in a box near Mickey Mouse stocking

Tessa just took a nibble from Mickey’s ear which is part of my son’s Christmas stocking from many years ago.

Lindy sporting Santa hat

Lindy, 16, sporting the miniature Santa hat. She looks sullen, but mostly because I’m blocking the stream of sun keeping her warm.

Lindy the cat sunbathing

Another one of Lindy sunbathing

Mouse the cat on a jigsaw puzzle

We usually have a jigsaw puzzle going this time of year. It’s a popular place to nap as well. That’s Mouse.

Tessa smelling Christmas greens

Who’s misbehaving? Tessa jumped up on the kitchen counter to smell the fresh Christmas greens.

Tessa under the sheets

“…and I in my cap, had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.” – Clement Clarke Moore

Wishing you all good things in the coming year.

Love, Alys and the family felines.

29 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Family Felines

  1. What a delightful way to celebrate Christmas (or maybe just enjoy pictures of very cute cats!). I hope your Christmas Day was filled with love and happiness, Alys. And that 2019 is a year that is calm and filled with ways to bring joy to the world. It is Boxing Day here. I spent a wonderful day with my 92 year old mother, and feel very blessed that I was able to celebrate another Christmas with her. We’ve made a date for Christmas 2019! Much love my friend, xox

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  2. Hello Darling! Christmas is well and truly finished here – ten days of celebration and fun just being together ended this morning as Jo boarded her flight back home. We very much enjoyed opening your parcels yesterday and Jo is confident she is going home to a puzzle too 🙂 Love, love, love the gentle tingle of the meditation heart – not to mention that glorious card. Beautiful work! Your kitties look happily relaxed and I hope you are too. My little fellas are exhausted and this afternoon will be a quiet settling in to re-find our regular rhythm and for me to seriously begin the work to set intentions for 2019. Happy, Happy Christmas to you, Mike and your fine young men. I’m already looking forward to our next catch up! xoxo

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  3. Happy Christmas, dear Alys 🙂 I hope the rest of your day is as merry and bright as you could hope!
    Here, Christmas Day is past, Boxing Day is here, the Husband is back at work so it feels like just another day. I had a good family FaceTime with my brother, 95-year-old father and one of my nieces, and hope to do more family FaceTimes tomorrow. We were 10 for breakfast on the deck here yesterday and for dinner at my SIL’s yesterday evening. The only downside of the day is that the Dowager slipped and fell and we discovered late last night that it’s a broken (rather than sprained, as she thought) ankle, so she spent the night in hospital.


    • Happy New Year, Kate. I’m sorry to hear of the dowager’s fall, and hope she’s well on the mend by now. Isn’t FaceTime something? I remember how expensive it was to make overseas calls, and now we make them for free with better reception and video. Who knew? I hope you are staying safe and dry.


      • All is well. The Dowager was holding court at a tableful of her offspring, outlaws and grands last night, hugely enjoying her role as the centre of attention. And I got to talk to my Pa several times over Christmas, as well as family I don’t see from one end of the year to the next. You have to love the technology, if not always the good sense and manners of those who use it…


  4. I love this virtual Christmas card. I had a feeling your holiday was quite busy and maybe you are catching your breath today, as am I. I plan to relax into to the day. Sent my SIL an e-birthday card this morning. You can imagine a birthday the day after Christmas. ;( Only 5 of us girls for dinner yesterday and everything came out perfect. I am quite in need of rest though so today is that day. Putting my niece’s name on the bathrobe my sister bought her so it’s distinctive at college and won’t disappear so easily. I will send a note soon. Love, hugs and much rest.


    • Hello MH! I love the idea of this is a virtual Christmas card. Thank you for that. We’ve had a wonderful, restful holiday this year. I hope this is the trend going forward.

      I’m glad you had a nice holiday, followed by a day of rest. I’m having one of those days today, with a gentle rain falling outside and a quiet household with everyone reading or quietly working away on laptops. C. goes back to the dorms tomorrow. I’ve known a handful of people over the years with birthdays around Christmas. It’s a tough time to carve out that special feeling when everyone is caught up with Christmas. It’s nice that you still honor your SIL’s birthday. You’ve done a good job keeping the connections, even when that’s not always easy. Love and hugs to you, too.

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  5. I’m getting here late–I hope your holiday was fabulous, with the whole family (people *and* cats) together! I was at my sister’s and had to make do with her cats, while my own were home alone. Still, it was a lovely time with my family. Now we’re back home, hunkering down and waiting for a new year to commence. XOXOXO


    • Hello Kerry and Happy New Year. I’ve had a good time this morning visiting your blog and catching up on a few posts. I’ve missed this place. I’m glad you enjoyed time with your family, though I understand full well missing your own cats. My boys were both home from college and together the four of us enjoyed one of the most relaxing Christmases I can remember. I visited with my sister Christmas eve, also relaxing. I’m starting the year feeling refreshed and setting intentions for a healthy and more stress-free year. Avoiding toxic news will be at the top of the list, along with reading more blogs like yours. xo Alys


  6. This is a wonderful greeting, Alys. The feline family is absolutely charming. We are feeding a new little outdoor kitty that seems a stray and also seems very hungry. She (or he) isn’t letting us get too close yet, but we are certainly providing nourishment. I didn’t need another animal mouth to feed, but I admit I’m getting a kick out of winner her over. Christmas has come and gone, but let me wish you a happy, healthy and abundant new year. I trust it will be that and much more! 🙂


    • Hello Debra and Happy New Year. I’ve just had a nice visit on your blog. We love our felines, and have at times fed as many as six. I’m pretty sure there is an underground railroad of sorts for lost cats. They know where to find a good thing. I hope you’ll share news of your new kitty on a future post. In addition to our three cats at home, I get regular visits with Honey, the Lifted Spirits/Front Door communities church cat. She’s a treasure. Sending love your way. xo


  7. All my Californian Kitty loves in one festive post ! Sorry I missed your Christmas post hon. I need a new commitment to WordPress in 2019. The photo of Lindy, you blocking the coveted sun, cracked me up. Sweet 16 ! How wonderful xo K


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