In a Vase on Monday: Scented Sweet Peas

assorted sweet peas

Sweet Peas in Assorted Glass Jars

I’m joiningThe Cathys” once again for their weekly feature, In a Vase on Monday.

My swoon-worthy sweet pea jungle has returned. It’s colorful and wonderfully scented. Sweet peas seem to remind every one of their grandmother’s garden. They evoke a wonderful nostalgia.

This year I’m seeing more variegated colors including lavender with white and pink with white. That’s new and fun.

sweet peas front garden

Sweet Pea Jungle

I save glass jars throughout the year, and sometimes supplement with a few jars from a local craft store. I found some this year on clearance for fifty cents.  I cut flowers for my Pilates classmates, a group who loves to chat about gardening, and for my neighbors and friends. Last week I cut some flowers for a woman walking her dog and she said I made her day. I got to pet the puppy and she went home with some sweet peas. It doesn’t get better than that this time of year.

assorted sweet peas in glass jars

Sweet Peas Arranged by Color on my Potting Bench

sweet peas and nigella

Sweet Peas with Some Nigella Sprigs

We’ve had a mild May so the flowers have lasted longer than usual as well. Sunday was the start of our first heat wave with temps in the mid-eighties or (30C). I’ve really enjoyed the cooler temps.

sweet peas near Little Free Library

Sweet Peas Growing Near the Little Free Library * Mouse the Cat on the Path

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I think I’ll celebrate my WordPress anniversary with some freshly cut sweet peas.

WordPress 7th anniversary




33 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Scented Sweet Peas

  1. Wow – those really are swoon worthy! Makes me want to rip up the grass in the front yard 🙂 How nice that you’re spreading the swoon! Congrats on your wordpress milestone; time sure flies.


    • Thank you, Sara. I have not missed our lawn once since replanting with native plants. The sweet peas are a bonus, since they self-seed every year now given the extra room to grow. When they go to seed, it’s like having a second garden just below.

      I can’t believe it’s been seven years. That stuns me as well.


  2. Your front garden is a lovely splash of colour in the street Alys, and doesn’t the new colour on your potting bench complement the sweet peas.


    • Thank you for noticing the new color on the bench, Jane. You are quite observant. I love this time of year. After so many years of drought, it’s wonderful to enjoy a garden graced by some winter rain.


  3. Why, I wonder, did my eyes get all leaky reading this and looking through these remarkable photos of your spring time garden…… Sweet peas hold such a special place in my heart and your bounty of beauties – and the way in which you display and share them – just made my heart swell! I am so happy for you that this is gifted to you every year and the plants decide where and how they shall bloom and grace your garden. It’s a special gift – perhaps its all those fairies you have been providing safe resting places for!

    Seven years hey? You are one of the old hands now I think. I’ve heard three years is the common dropping off point for blogs so you are doing splendidly. Keep up the good work. Your home and garden is worthy of a magazine spread! xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    • (((Pauline))) I’m pleased to know that these sweet peas evoke special feelings for you. You were one of the first readers to suggest growing them. Kelly followed on with a couple of seed packets, and even thought to send purple ones so Sharon could enjoy them on her visits. Isn’t it extraordinary the way a simple flower can evoke such emotion? It is a special gift. It’s not hard to imagine fairies and hobbits among them, racing through the jungle below, with that subtle scent drifting downward.

      I was caught off guard by the seven-year notice myself. I find when I’m away from my blog and our wonderful community here, that I feel like something is missing. Aren’t we a lucky group of bloggers? Thank you for your friendship, always, and for this extra-special good cheer. xo

      Liked by 1 person

    • Mouse was actually demanding attention while I took these pictures. He’s so funny some times. Most cats dislike being picked up. He on the other hand demands it. I’ll sling him over my shoulder and he purrs and “smiles” his kitty smile. That cat!

      As for the range of colors, it’s really changed this year. I’m loving all the variations.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! Your front garden looks amaaaaazzzzzing! LOL! Beautiful little jars of colour too. Oh, it must smell so good walking past your house! And your freshly painted potting bench is the perfect spot for photographing vases too. 🙂 Have a lovely flowery week Alys! 🙂


  5. Hi Alys, I remember talking about the sweet peas before. Yours are gorgeous. I have loved them since our time in Lompoc where they were abundant. I have not had any luck with them in the mid west but need to try them here in VA. This would have been the year too, it’s been hot humid and wet. They would have loved it I think. I shall have to enjoy yours. How kind of you to share. Congratulations on seven years. Do you have an itch? Might be time to sew a new skirt. Just kidding. Keep up the good work. I love Two Faces FB page too. Take care.


    • “Time to sew a new skirt.” LOL That made me laugh, Amy. The seven-year anniversary was a bit of a surprise. It seems I had just rounded the corner to six, but so it goes with time these days. Let me know if you want me to send you some seeds. It looks like I’ll have a bazillion to share.

      Thank you for liking Tessa’s FB page. My two legged baby heads for college this fall. I need a place to channel my energy. xo


  6. I loved all the photos here and share some of Pauline’s sentiments about your yard being magazine worthy. I love the lush, wild look of the sweet peas. Do they need trellising? I’m so far behind on seed planting as is the case every year. I have been going to thrift stores for vases when giving flowers to friends but the empty jars are a good source too. Think I’ll go fetch the one out of the recycling bin I put there yesterday. 😉 A pretty ribbon would dress it up wonderfully. Congratulations on 7 years!!! That’s big. I also loved that Tessa has her own FB page. That was fun since she is so photogenic. I’m glad to hear your spring has been mild but sorry to hear the heat is on. Ours is coming next week. Thanks for the inspiration. I felt like I just got a jar full of flowers today. Have a wonderfilled week. Giant squishy hugs and love.


    • Hello Marlene! Thanks for all your kind words. If you think you have room for sweet peas (for next year) I’m happy to send you some seeds. I have portable, foldable trellises that I set out when the vines start to grow. The sweet peas sprout in the fall or early winter, then they burst out in early spring. I like the idea of buying used vases from a thrift store, but the jars work well, too. They’re also generally pretty sturdy. I’ve decorated them with Washi tape in the past. I love your idea of attaching ribbon, and I’ve no doubt you have a lovely collection to choose from.

      I hope you can squeeze in a few more garden days before the heat. Our current heat wave should end today, then pick up again in a week. I wish I could deliver a bunch of sweet peas in person. xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • I need to get a post written too as the garden is in full bloom. Thanks for letting me know about the trellis’. Just for you I’ll tell you early, I have Nigella blooming!!!!! I’m so excited! We have till the end of next week before the heat comes here. Then it will be brutal. ;( Not ever as bad as what you get though. Counting my blessings.


  7. I do love sweet peas, and yes! I, too, can’t see them without immediately thinking of my paternal grandmother. From the time I was very young she let me assist her in planting the seeds each year. Yours are both abundant and just gorgeous. I can almost catch the fragrance. 🙂 I also enjoyed another opportunity to admire your Little Free Library, Alys. I do love that!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, Alys! Your gorgeous sweet peas have turned your front garden into a Wonderland!! I am in awe… and can only imagine the amazing scent Your simple vases show off their beauty in the sweetest way!
    I’m just smitten with the color of your ‘new’ potting bench, my friend! It’s just the perfect setting for lovely blossoms. Just think, you will have the whole summer to enjoy all of the new changes in your backyard, Alys! Sending gentle showers your way on a rainy afternoon in the Midwest! 💗
    P.S. Happy 7th Anniversary! I can still remember the post that introduced me to one of my very favorite bloggers. It seems like only yesterday! 💕


    • Dawn, how lovely that you remember my first post! I remember well, baling water from the tub and hauling it to the garden. Those five long years of drought seemed to get worse and worse. Then we had a crazy, over the top, too much rain and flood in San Jose, something that is virtually unheard of.

      I wish I could send you some sweet peas, Dawn. They’re the softest, sweetest, and brightest flowers.

      Thank you for your anniversary wishes. I’ve sure enjoyed the journey, and have loved getting to know you. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Holy wack-a-doodle !! LOL, from the vantage point of your photo, the sweetpeas look like they’re taking over your entire house. I really am A-mazed at how prolific they are in your garden. It’s a jungle of pinks and mauves an burgundy! How delightful. I bet your neighbours send photo’s to friends and maybe even post on IG ! I sure would if I lived on your street. Of course Mr Mouse is never too far away from his girlfriend, tee-hee. What a charming love affair he’s having. But of course, why wouldn’t he. You’re the best thing since sliced bread and I would know, I’m the official queen of bread 😀 That’s such a pretty vignette on the newly improved garden bench. I need to scrapbook this! Would that be ok? xoxo K/P/B ❤


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