WordPress Needs a Scratch-and-Sniff Feature

Spring: when the birds sing, the flowers bloom and the intoxicating scent of the garden can bring you to your knees. I snapped photos today, with Mouse the Cat at my heals. We’ve been inhaling the tantalizing scent of freesias scattered throughout the garden.

mouse with flowers at his feet

Mouse tries out a new pair of shoe buckles

Freesia are native to Africa, named after a German botanist and now growing in San Jose. They get around.

yellow freesia

Yellow freesia

I bought a bag of assorted colors several years ago, and they’ve come back bigger and better every year. So far I’ve seen yellow, red and white (my favorite) but I think a few purple ones will be up soon. I took a handful to a friend today with a few sprigs of asparagus fern. The wonderful scent lingered in my car even after they were gone.

red freesia

Red freesia

white freesia

White freesia near the walkway

Freesias, sweet peas and daffodils

white freesia

Freesia toppling over the walkway

white freesia curb garden

Freesia in the curb garden

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could press your nose to your screen and drink in that scent? Perhaps one of those twenty-something technical geniuses will develop a scratch-and-sniff like feature.

The hyacinths are also up dusting corners of the garden with their potent scent.

purple hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth (William of ‘William and Kate’)


Pink Hyacinth (Kate of ‘William and Kate’)

It’s no surprise that even manufactured scents try to borrow from nature: rose-scented perfume, lemon-scented dish detergent and lavender-infused essential oils. Nothing tops nature.

Along the fence, our jasmine vine is in full bloom, inviting me to linger under its shade. I hope it survives the abuse it will get when work boots hit the ground. It’s time to replace the fence.

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine vine

curb garden

Curb garden with daffodil and freesia

daffodils in the curb garden

Narcissus: 1) Daffodils; 2) Mouse the Cat

The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life. Jean Giraudoux

So what do you think? Could “scratch and sniff” be the wave of the future? Mmmmmmm






28 thoughts on “WordPress Needs a Scratch-and-Sniff Feature

  1. Ooohh! You’ve got some great scents in your garden! Yes, would love the “scratch & sniff” feature! We are luxuriating in “deck time” right now, and Bobcat does NOT want to come in!


  2. D-lightful in every way. Those fluffy feet are the treat of the day. Oh Mouse, you are a sweet kitty cat with your eye closed in the curb garden. Were you inhaling the splender or just enjoying the warmth of the sun?
    I sure wish these could be grown here. I love the spicy/sweet scent of Freesia and Hyacinth too. We can buy them potted and forced at the Market but no one grows them in the garden here. It’s too cold here for these tender bulbs. I’m also a big fan of Jasmine. I’ll have to wait until we’re relocated on the Island to enjoy the luxury all these jems offer. Until then, thanks for sharing and yes to the scratch and sniff feature! xo K

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    • Mouse loves following me around the garden. He’s good company most of the time, and now that he’s older he no longer jumps up on my (bare…ouch) back when I’m pulling weeds during the summer in a tank top. I guess if you’re going to live on the garden island, you’re going to have to make a good showing in the garden. As if that would be hard for the tow of us, eh?


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  3. Oh, envious! We’re too hot and humid, bulbs don’t get enough chill to go dormant and the humidity means they tend to rot in the soil. I adore the scent of freesias, jasmine and hyacinth, but we only get to enjoy jasmine here. Oh, and gardenias, my absolute favourite scent of all. Why is it, do you think, that they can’t replicate freesia and gardenia properly, so we can enjoy the scent all year round…? I keep searching, but so far, all offerings have been pale imitations of Nature’s cleverness.


    • I’ve never found an artificial scent that came close to the real deal, Kate. Nature’s magic is hard to replicate. I too love gardenias, and the fact that you can grow them and I can’t speaks to the differences in our climates, eh? I had gardenias in my wedding bouquet. They’re one of my favorites, too.


    • I’m like a dog lifting it’s nose to the scent in the air. When I’m in the garden I make sure I catch the fragrance. I’m sure their is some science to the fact that the earlier flowers are also fragrant. Most of the “summer color” is pretty but not as potent.


  4. It pleases me no end to know we are both luxuriating in the fragrance of our jasmines at the same time – mine is having a spectacular late summer flush to atone for its rather hesitant showing in the coldness of our early summer this year. All is forgiven! I so love the scent of freesias but have never gotten around to planting a tub full here. In my last proper garden I had oodles and used to take a bunch into school every day in early spring……. sigh!!

    We had two cold wet days but today summer is making a determined come-back. Siddy has spent the longest time yet at the old folks home making everyone smile (21/2 hours!) and being taken for endless walks by dotty old ladies who can’t remember why they have a happy puppy attached to them after a two minute perambulation down the hallway 🙂 I sat at a table and was supposed to be making a sweet birdie/chickie from a pompom, but instead found I had made an exact replica of an Angry Bird………….. another sigh!!

    Enjoy your spring! And yes, let’s agitate for a scratch and sniff version. As long as it’s the real thing and not some tacky chemical wannabe!! I could smell freesias in autumn 🙂


    • Pauline, you’ve been completely robbed of your summer. What a shame! I’m glad your jasmine is blooming at the same time. That’s fun. Your description of Siddy taking dotty ladies for short walks is so dear. I’m really happy to hear that he (and you) are spreading the love. Animal’s are so good for one’s mental health and well being. You’ve given them quite a gift. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to pot up a tube of freesia for next spring. They’ve been a delight to wake up to, and yes, wonderful in a vase, too. xo


  5. I think the downside of ‘scratch ‘n sniff’ on the internet might outweigh the positives!! I could smell the flowers from your photographs and descriptions which stirred up memories of their fragrances so that’s good enough for me. We have some sweet smelling blossom here at the moment and I must ask the resident gardener if we can grow freesias here or not – we’re quite high up and that rules out quite a few things.


    • I’m so glad that your sense memory and your imagination allowed you to drink in the wonderful scent. I hadn’t really thought about elevation as a challenge when planting a garden. That’s fascinating.


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting on so many of my posts. What a treat.

      I wonder what became of your freesias? They’re toxic to some animals (which is why mine stay put…the squirrels won’t eat them). I wonder if they rotted in the ground? Will you plant some more?


  6. I like the red freesia! Actually, I would like any flower at all at the moment. We got lambasted with snow yesterday and last night. It’s very difficult to believe that spring will EVER come!


    • Kerry, I’ve been watching news of the heavy snow and sleet along the east coast. It’s been brutal. I hope it passes quickly so you can soon get on with spring. When is your “safe to plant” date for your gardening zone?


  7. It looks glorious and i can only imagine what it smells like. We had a snow storm yesterday; it will be quite a while before we can enjoy the look and smell of Spring. Enjoy!


  8. Those little paws among the violets are so cute! And isn’t that jasmine amazing? I agree, scratch and sniff would be great – I love Freesias and their scent is in my favourite top 5. Lovely to see your spring garden and all that greenery everywhere! 🙂


  9. Oh, you’re in the midst of that burst of bloom. It’s so lovely. I like freesias too and wonder if I could grow them. Perhaps I should try. Your gardens are looking beautiful, Alys. I don’t need scratch and sniff to smell them!!


    • It is lovely, Lisa. It goes by in a flash, I know, so I’ve learned to appreciate it while they last. The flowers of course have loved all this extra rain. Everything this years seems fuller, brighter and, dare I anthropomorphize, happier. I’m glad you can smell the flowers.

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  10. One of the real pluses of living in a warmer climate is those beautiful flowers so early and being able to go out and enjoy them. It’s still squishy out there and my neighbor directly across the road is still having land erosion problems. There have been people working on it while the rain comes down in buckets. I might have some bulbs up but can’t enjoy them yet. Maybe Sunday. If they offer scratch and sniff, I wouldn’t mind if it came in chocolate. 🙂


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