Catching the Light, Sharing the Love

Given the time, I could write an entire book on my extraordinary trip to Virginia and D.C. earlier this year. One of many highlights included the unveiling of the light catchers, intricately hand-crafted and lovingly presented by Pauline King. On our flight home, Pauline offered to make one for my sister Sharon and within weeks it arrived at my door.

Here’s Sharon’s reaction when she opened the gift:

It’s difficult to convey how special these are. Pauline describes her process in a recent post found here. When writing about Sharon’s light catcher, Pauline says:

I have made my light-catchers for a few years now – rather sporadically, as I enjoy making them especially for someone. They are my gift of good wishes, good fortune and a bit of magic woven into beads and charms and crystals for someone special. I like to think of the person I am creating for, then I choose colours and shapes and crystals and charms especially for them. Then it all just weaves itself together.

sharon's light catcher pauline king

Like most artists, Pauline is far too modest. She weaves a special charm into each one using glass, crystal, semi-precious gemstones, beads and the most delightful charms you’ve ever seen.

The enclosed card says “the charms have been especially chosen for you and represent the following”

Teddy Bear: for the child within, may there always be cuddles.

Boot: for fashion and style!

Music Notes: May there always be music in your life.

Jigsaw Puzzle: for when you need the last bit of the puzzle.

Ballerina: to remind you when the body can’t dance, the spirit can!

Cat in the Moon: to remind you of the magic and mystery of both.

Babushka Doll: we all have hidden layers…..

The Witch, the Skeleton and the Spider: for your love of Halloween.

Book: for the places your imagination can go.

Purse: may there always be enough.

Pentagram: may you always be protected.

Fairy: may you always see the magic.

Sharon has tall ceilings in her home, so I’m enlisting Mike’s help so we can hang it in the perfect place.  After one foolish mishap, I count my lucky stars and no longer climb up a ladder alone.

The following bloggers enjoy catching the light:

26 thoughts on “Catching the Light, Sharing the Love

  1. Oh Alys! – Oh Sharon!! I am so touched to see that little video – They were happy tears? I do hope so Sharon. I am so glad you like it – and I think you could wear it, it looked amazing strung across your chest – perhaps a new Halloween costume is in the making?

    Alys when hanging it you get the best rainbows the lower the catcher hangs. As Sharon has high ceilings perhaps you could add in a length of ribbon or extra chain to allow for maximum light reflection. I’m sure you will come up with something 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog and for being such a champion of my creative work – I have no words to convey how touched and blessed I am by your kindness and generosity. Knowing you has added another dimension to my life ❤ xoxo

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  2. The light catcher is stunning and Pauline’s description of it brought tears to my eyes. The love she weaves into everything she does can be felt even here. Where she finds the time to make these intricate works of art and love is beyond me. Thank you for sharing Sharon’s joy.

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  3. Awww, your heart shines thru each and every one Pauline. The lilacs and mauves are so perfectly Sharon. It definitely makes each and every recipient feel so special and loved. Very pretty!

    I’m always touched by your sisterly love for each other Sharon and Alys. When I think about how fun it would be to have a sister, I think of the two of you. xox Miss you every day ❤

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    • They are perfectly Sharon and the fun charms too. The Halloween ones are my favorite, all strung together.

      We need to line up some celebrity clients for Pauline. She could make light-catching drapes, with each chain representing a movie or TV show for the star. Then when she flies out to Hollywood to commission the work, we can all have another reunion.

      You are our honorary sister, Petals. We love you dearly.

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  4. Alys I popped back to ask if I might link this post to my new shop window – and was astounded to discover Mr B has a rival! [Poor Mr B is he dreadfully cut up?] And Hollywood eh? I’m liking this plan ….. should I botox in preparation do you think? and upskill my wardrobe?? I mean I just know you have a ton of Hollywood royalty just hanging off your every smile and chuckle and kindness ……… and if you don’t you should! Can I link your page in please? 🙂

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    • Pauline I would be delighted to have you link this page and I’m also happy to pass on these photos if you want them for your gallery. Just let me know.

      Oh you crack me up! No hollywood types hanging on me, but Mouse is relentless until he gets some treats, and I”m not talking about me. 🙂 But yes, I think the key to financial success is often finding that one famous person to promote what was wonderful in the first place. I’ve no doubt that if these creations showed up in a trendy shop in LA they would fly out the door.

      Please, no Botox. You’re perfect the way you are. The Hollywood types are too, but somewhere along the way they’ve been sold a bill of goods saying they aren’t.

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  5. Love everything about this post, and all of the comments, too!
    You photographed the light catcher beautifully, and aren’t those colors lovely?
    I am constantly in awe of the talent and heart that you, Pauline, and Kelly have.
    The video was just wonderful!

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  6. What a wonderful and heartwarming post, Alys! I just finished reading Pauline’s post about how she makes these amazing pieces of art (yes, I’m THAT far behind) so I had an even greater appreciation for seeing Sharon’s reaction to Pauline’s precious gift. Thanks for sharing the love!


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