If Your Costume Needs Zing, Add Bling

It’s true. A costume isn’t a costume until you add some bling. I spent my in between moments today adding bits of this and that to the dress. It’s fun sorting through my jewelry box for the odd piece. Small treasures also linger in craft bins and my sewing box.

heart bling

Heart Bling, Straight From my Jewelry Box

I popped out last night for a few groceries and picked up a pair of jewelry findings to finish the cape. Using a few strands of green embroidery floss, I attached the flower finding to a silver leaf and added one on either side of the cape.

shoulder leaf bling

Shoulder Bling

package of seeds

Packet of Seeds (A Gift from Alyster the Gnome)

I threw together a headpiece this afternoon, but it’s been a bit of a challenge keeping it upright. If the elastic strap is under my chin it stands up. If it’s behind my ears as it should be it has a bit of a tilt. I’ll figure something out after another night’s sleep.

No-Candy Countdown:

I’ve been so focused on staying away from candy this month, that the subject entered my dreams. I was standing at a counter in a store, and the woman I was with was sharing details of a murder. Then she produced a delicious box of chocolates and I started eating them. Half way through I realized that I was eating out of stress, and worse, that I would have to tell all of you about it.

All you dream diagnosticians can have a field day with this one. In better news, I’m still candy free. Darn that chocolate haunting my dreams.

Pumpkins on Parade:

Today’s pumpkin is a two for one.

Pauline of The Contented Crafter said:

Surely all the aqua loveliness calls for a mermaid pumpkin to celebrate the costume unveiling?

Introducing, Merpumpkin.



My friend Betsy loves mermaids so hopefully she’s giggling when she sees this. The headdress is part of my costume by the way.I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow.
Marlene of In Search of it All said:

Wonder what would happen if you put the pumpkin on the dress form in costume?

Great idea, Marlene. I’ve been waiting to get the costume in respectable order before giving this idea a try. Aside from the shrunken head and the missing neck, not bad. Her beautiful eyes and blue skin more than make up for that. 😉

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head

If you’re planning your own Halloween costume this year, please let us know what you’re up to in the comments below.




7 thoughts on “If Your Costume Needs Zing, Add Bling

  1. The merpumpkin is as suitably glamorous as I thought she might be – I have no idea where you find the time to do these things Alys – but, as always I am suitably impressed! 🙂

    Your dream made me laugh – it’s enough to keep you on track, the mere thought of having to ‘fess up – and to us! This is the great thing about public declarations isn’t it – we become accountable to our community whom we are less inclined to want to let down than we are ourselves. It’s a dreadful shame we don’t hold ourselves in higher esteem – but we mostly don’t seem to. I have a painting to finish and 9 days to do it in – I’m sweating it!!

    The doo-dads on the dress are all looking mighty fine – Marlene’s idea to use the pumpkin as a model’s head is inspired – a gown always looks better with a head on top don’t you think? I’m sure you’ll sort out the head-dress satisfactorily – even if Mike has to staple it in place 🙂 [Just kidding Mike!]

    Can’t wait to see the unveiling – hoping still for some water – even if it’s just one of the boys aiming a hose at the two of you…. just kidding again xoxo


  2. Holy Pumpkin Palooza Batman! Very aqualicious ! Merpumpkin’s make-up is really *hot* LOL. Lovely lips, Marilyn Monroe liner and a dusting of sparkle makes me think I should ask for some tips.

    The fact that you’ve thought to sew Alyster’s gifted seeds onto your gorgeous creation is so sweet hon. I’m absolutely tickled and smiling like a kid at the candy store. Thank you for linking and just for always making me feel so loved. xoxo ❤

    I'm just marvelling at all the special finishing touches. This and that, buttons, beads and charms, well it all seems quite magical really. It's like the Garden Sea Goddess just collects things in her wispy silhouette as she floats along tending things. Your head dress is looking fit for a goddess too. You are going to be a dream.

    Speaking of dreams, I laughed at yours. I have very vivid dreams and have written some down in a journal. They often include people that used to be in my life but aren't anymore, so that makes me wonder. Once I dreamed that we were eating french fries in a library, HA I wonder what Julia would say about that 😀 Sending waves of love your way xoxox ❤


    • LOL You crack me up. Just wrap a piece of glittery tulle around your face, add a dollop of red lipstick and your set to go. 😉

      I love incorporating some of your treasures in to my costume. It makes me feel like you’re a part of the celebration. I’ve actually used three items from the Boom room but one is subtle so you may have missed it.

      You are loved, so I’m happy to hear that that is coming through loud and clear. Mwaaaaaa

      I really should keep a dream journal. Do you write yours down when you first wake up? I’ve read that it’s best to write before you say a word to anyone. Somehow it keeps you in dream mentality a bit longer. Many of my dreams are dull or angst-ridden but a few are worthy of jotting down.

      I remember your french fry dream. It sounds like fun to me! Breaking the rules with my bestie, nibbling fatty, salty food in the library. LOL LOL LOL.



  3. This was fun to read. Boomdee hit it on the head with aqualicious. I loved seeing the selfie with the regal pumpkin head. I have to fess up. I couldn’t keep up with you. Too much stress these days and more to come. Need another way to handle it. BTW. I’m blowing on those rain clouds. We were dumped on today and I’m trying to send some down your way. Halloween isn’t going to happen for me here. More on that in a couple of days.


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