Easter Flowers and Kindred Spirits

This sweet little ceramic chick appears every spring. It was a gift from Nichole, a family friend and our go-to babysitter when our boys were young. She’s always been a wonderful presence in our lives.

garden posy

Garden Posy

I gathered a few flowers from our spring garden today, with just enough purple and yellow blooms to fill the tiny vase.

The garden posy includes Snapdragons, Daffodils, Bachelor Buttons, Pincushion flowers, Campanula, Statice and a mystery flower.

I photographed the same flower just last week at a home tour.

mystery flower

Mystery flower

Then one appeared in my garden, probably carried by the wind or dropped by a bird last season.  It pushed its way up between two shrubs and flowered today. Serendipity!

Can you help me identify the flower?

mystery flower

Mystery flower: white, purple and yellow

After a hectic few days, I was finally able to catch my breath. I opened an extra-special package from my kindred spirit, Boomdee. I wish you could have seen the smile spread across my face as I opened the tiny treasures. The sweetest little chair appeared, along with tiny wooden stepping ‘stones’ in a lovely moss-green.  An adorable lantern, also on display in Alyster the Gnome’s cozy home sent my heart a flutter.  Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

easter fairy garden

Impromptu Easter fairy garden

step right up

Step right up

There were more treasures and a beautiful card and the most amazing package you’ve ever seen, decorated with bunnies, a fence and pretty spring flowers. Be still my heart. This paper posy decorated the card inside.

crafting goodness from Boomdee

Crafting goodness from Boomdeeadda

If you’re not already following her blog, you’re missing out. If you’re a regular follower of Boomdeeadda you’re already shaking your head and saying, “I know, I know, fantastic, right!?”

Happy Easter!

Fairy garden furniture available at Corinthia Flowers.  Check it out!

14 thoughts on “Easter Flowers and Kindred Spirits

  1. !! my goodness, you are spoiling me rotten (( Alys )). Thank you for all the Bloggy cheer but more important, your constant support and beautiful friendship. You’ve put everything together so beautifully and swiftly too. I thought Nicole was adorable and now I know she’s also very thoughtful. Your little vase has a lovely vintage look that I just adore. Look at those flowers too. Isn’t it funny how spring flowers offer up the perfect combination for Easter?
    It’s just the cutest tussle mussie, and all from your very own yard 😀 It must be so satisfying to wander thru the garden and put something so pretty together. I’m pretty certain your mystery flower is an Iris. I would guess it’s and African White Iris. They’re white and yellow with mauve centre leaves. Like these: http://verdego.com/10/african-iris-white/

    I wonder if it wasn’t a squirrel hiding a bulb he snuck from another garden. Seems he/she managed to plant it right side up and at the right depth 😀 LOL Higher that squirrel ! The day I stopped at Corinthia I couldn’t resist getting these little things for you too. I know you love to re-imagine things you save, so thank you for making this exception. I promise I won’t overwhelm your creativity too much. I just can’t help but love you and want to share all the fun things I find for myself. xoxo LUL k


    • I feel exactly the same about you. You’ve brought such color to my world, along with love and support. I’m the one who’s spoiled!

      I love that term tussle mussie. That is quite endearing. It is satisfying walking the garden and cutting a little of this and that, making sure I leave plenty behind to grow. I knew the Bachelor Buttons would be up soon, but was still surprised to see them today along with, as I’m sure you’re right, the Iris. Nick thought it was a seed, but it is growing like a bulb. I had irises many years ago in the front yard, before we built the deck,but they were purple and much larger. I’ll just have to appreciate this garden addition and wonder if the squirrels are making a peace offering: Here, you can have one iris, and we’ll take the pumpkin patch…and the sunflowers…and…what else have you got???

      I *love* these additions to my fairy garden. They are delightful and all the more special coming from you. After all, I didn’t say “you” couldn’t buy cute little furnishings, only that I try not to. 😉 So.. thank you for giving me the excuse to decorate with these new treasures.

      I’m happy to add Adele’s link. Should I connect to her general site?

      Thank you to infinity. xoxoxoooxo


  2. ha, “what else have you got??” that made me laugh. I’m sure they want to mind their manners but have so much to do. Don’t they seem to always be running behind schedule? Thanks again for you beautiful message, I think Adele would love a link, thank you for thinking of her. To shop home page I would guess is best. I’ll say thank you for her tonight and show her your post on Sunday 😀 She’ll be tickled.xoxo I’m off to bed shortly. What a beautiful day I’ve had xoxox. Nighty Night Cali-girl


    • I added the link last week, but I’m just now letting you know that. I’m loving my fairy garden furniture, and when time permits, I’m going to create something entirely new. You’ve spoiled me…and I love it. hugs dear Boomdee.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That is all so lovely – you two are so sweet with your mutual admiration society and the lovely gifts you send each other. 🙂 The vase of flowers is so pretty sitting amidst the fairy garden accoutrements – perfect for your season! I have no idea what that flower is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful little garden you created! Love the little ceramic chick! The “mystery flower” reminded me of a flower we have growing all around my area and a google search confirms it’s in the same species. I think it’s a Moraea Dietes Grandiflora. The flower which it reminded me of is a Moraea Dietes Bicolor. We’ve got some in our garden and my boyfriend thinks they look like weeds but I think they’re lovely. The Grandiflora is even lovelier!


    • Thank you, Jen. I have so much fun with these miniature creations. They’re relaxing, too not to mention easy on the back.

      You’re right…this is a Grandiflora, the botanical name for Wild Iris. Thanks so much for that.

      The plant itself reminds me of a lot of bulbs, but the flower is brilliant.


  5. What a sweet little bird vase. So springy and cheerful. Looks vintage almost. The uber-talented Boomdee is at it again. There is no limit to her creativeness. I love the fairy garden accessories. That tiny wicker chair is ADORABLE. I have slices of log outside somewhere in the garage, I think??? More boxes to go. More ideas. Oh my.


    • It does look vintage, doesn’t it. I just love it.

      Boomdee is remarkably creative and so are you. You both have many talents. I love your sewing skills, your embroidery, and your clever ideas.

      Best of luck with the last of the boxes. It sounds like you’re getting there.


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