Garden Walks

One of our favorite summer pastimes at the end of a hot day is taking a walk.  The days are long so the sun is still up past 8 here in Silicon Valley.  It’s nice to simply head out the front door and meander through the neighborhood.

Mighty Mouse likes to follow us down the block, though on our last walk, he encountered a territorial feline.  ‘Words’ were exchanged, but he thought better of an altercation and returned home. I worry about him when he heads toward the park, so if he insists on coming we just circle the block instead.

Aside from the balmy weather and my husband’s good company, I love checking out all the gardens. It’s a great way to get ideas for your own yard.

I wish I could identify all the plants we see, but since half the fun is speculating, I’ll let you guess along with me.


A fabulous pumpkin growing along a cute picket fence.

pink rose

I love this shade of rose. Do you know the variety?

white rose

More roses

striped green foliage

Gorgeous foliage, unknown plant.

orange flower

Any ideas? It’s a bulb of some kind.


I didn’t think we could grow apples in the Valley. I thought they needed a good frost.

flower hip

I wonder what this was? It reminds me of a rose hip, but the foliage looks like a different plant entirely.

Oh, and I think Mouse’s ears were burning when I greeted this kitty at the curb. I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance. This sweet kitty has personality to spare as well.

Mouse and doppleganger

Thanks for joining me on my virtual walk. If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by.

13 thoughts on “Garden Walks

  1. I too identify the flower as a Canna and the fruit is definitely a pomegranate…..Both of these are abundant in my part of the world and hence the confidence!!!!:) Enjoyed your virtual walk, dear Alys!!:)


  2. It’s a cool morning here in Virginia … it would be a lovely time for a walk. Instead I prepare to return to work after vacation. (Not complaining – it was lovely). I love that photo of Mighty Mouse, looking right into the camera.


    • I’m glad you had a nice vacation, LB. Re-entry is always tough. Can you walk in the evenings, or is it too hot and humid by then?

      I’m glad you liked the photos of Mouse and his look-a-like. He is quite the sweetie.


  3. I love to do the same thing when I go out walking, admire other gardens maybe even chat up the green thumbed caretakers if you can get them to take a wee break. Most gardeners love to take about their pride and joy.

    I think that pink rose might be a ‘David Austin’, typical shape and form. Maybe this one

    The orange flower is definitely an Orange Cana Lily (gladiolus family), Here it is here
    the foliage is unmistakeable.

    A Mouse Doppleganger, how intriguing! That kitty is really cute too. I can just see Mouse following you around the block, how cute would you all be!


    • Thanks for the comments and links. I’m going to take a peak.

      I guess I’m the last to know on this post what a Cana is. It’s gorgeous. And that foliage is so unique. I don’t know where in the world I would find space for one, but I’m tempted.

      You must have learned so much working for a florist. What a fun job.


      • I love the David Austins, unfortunately most are not hardy here. They have gorgeous climbing varieties too. Now, I see many of your visitors did identify Cana, what a great community for sharing, I learn so much here. Working for Adele was a great lesson since she gets such a wide variety of roses and really unique stuff. Very different from most florists. I love here design styles. Working in the garden centre helped too. I still don’t know the Latin names though, LOL


        • Gosh…here is another comment that I would have sworn I posted a reply. Sorry about that.

          Adele is quite the talent. I really admire what she does. I wish I knew all the Latin names of things. My friend Doug rattles them off with ease, probably like Adele.

          Will you be helping out again during the busy time?


          • Gee, maybe or maybe not. HA. I’m sort of the fill the gap girl. Since she’s opened her little shop, she’s got regulars that work with her every week. It’s more fun than anything else. Her sister has moved back to Edmonton and enjoys helping out too since she grew up in the area and can catch up with all her old friends at the same time. 😀


            • Wow! She’s got quite the system going then. I forgot about her moving shops. I hope she continues with great success and I hope too, she brings you in for a day or two just for the fun of catching up (and raiding the flower freezer). I can almost smell it.


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