Falling in Love with Phoebe the Hummer

Hummingbird in January

Visiting our Yard Today

Phoebe is an Allen Hummingbird living in a rose-bush in Southern California.  Through the magic of modern technology, you can watch Phoebe and her young on a live webcam, courtesy of Phoebe Allens WebCam.  It is a sight to behold.

According to the site owner, Phoebe built several nests in their garden rose-bush over several years. Sometimes she spruces up a nest for reuse or she builds a new one. She’s been coming back to the same rose-bush since 2007! In addition to the live stream, they’ve kept a nest log, detailing the number of eggs laid, hatched and fledged.

Nature being what it is, not all of the eggs or fledglings survive. I would be an emotional wreck if I saw one of the crows swoop in while I was watching.  That said, peering into a nest up close like that is incredible. Over 12 million visitors have come to the site. Once you take a look (day time hours, Pacific Standard Time) you’ll see why.

So far I’ve seen Phoebe feed her babies (twice).  I’ve seen infant birds wiggling alone in the nest and I’ve seen mama fly in and out several times. I’ve already trained my ears to the sound of her wings, so I click over when I hear them.

Here are a few more details about Phoebe from the site:

Phoebe is a non-migratory Channel Islands Allen’s Hummingbird She builds her nests in a rose-bush, and the nest is about the size of a golf ball, with eggs being about the size of a tic-tac candy. The season for nesting is October through May/early June, and Phoebe will lay four to five clutches per season. Two eggs are laid per clutch, they hatch after 17 days, and the chicks typically fly three to four weeks later. Phoebe will sometimes build a new nest, but frequently repairs old nests.

Special thanks to Boomdeeada for sharing this site. I keep it open on my computer when I’m working at home and pop over whenever I can.  If you take a peak, please let me know what you think.  I’m in love. ♥

Hummer at the feeder

The End


12 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Phoebe the Hummer

  1. I knew you would love it Alys, isn’t it the most amazing thing ever. I first saw it at
    Not so Fancy Nancy dot WordPress….so “Thanks Nancy!!” (waving to her) 😀 I almost can’t believe the eggs are so tiny. I agree, it would send me over the edge should I see something bad happen. Fingers crossed. Thanks so much for linking back to Boomdeeadda you’re so thoughtful. Still smiling over the birdie toosh pic…so cute! xoK


      • Welcome 😀 It seems like that time of year for a lot of companies…Mr B too. Over here at ‘Retirement Inc’, we generally endeavour to maintain the status quo with perhaps a tweak here and there…LOL. Blossums currently in her window seat chirping back at the birds outside…makes me laugh when she does that. 🙂


        • ‘Retirement inc.’ I didn’t know you had incorporated! Shrewd business woman, you are. 🙂

          Blossum, how cute. Does mom’s new camera have a video feature. Your fans are curious to hear your sweet mew.


          • HA, ya that’s me alright..that made me laugh 🙂 Would a shrewd business woman do this? I stepped into Walmart today, it was next to an appointment I had. I took a cart but couldn’t navigate because there were so many box’s everywhere. I decided I didn’t need the cart and carried the few things I had….I get to the till….no purse. I had walked away and left it in the cart and only carried my shopping tote. I didn’t even notice until I was checking out….Lucky for me a very nice senior picked it up and was only a few steps away from where I was about to panic…..good grief, I was very very lucky.

            That’s a really good idea, I haven’t even tried the movie maker part of my camera….mmmmm, action! Thanks Alys.


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