SummerWinds Fire Update


An electrical fire destroyed the Almaden Valley SummerWinds Nursery about a week ago.  Although firefighters were quickly on the scene, they made the unusual decision to allow the building to burn, given the number of chemical fertilizers and pesticides inside.  It was better from an environmental standpoint to avoid contaminated water runoff into a nearby creek.

SummerWinds Fire Damage

Fire-Damaged SummerWinds Nursery

Plans to Rebuild

I drove by the site yesterday on my way to a fabric store, and noticed workers outside. Once I got over the ghastly sight of the burned structure, it surprised me to see so many of the outdoor plants and pottery unharmed. I stopped by and spoke to Joey, an employee of SummerWinds, who said they are planning to rebuild, and soon. In preparation for that, they are selling the surviving plants and pottery starting this Friday, September 14th.

SummerWinds Joey

Joey C. of SummerWinds

Fire Sale

If you live in the area, and are so inclined, please stop by. You can find regular updates about the nursery, the sale and plans to rebuild by “liking” the SummerWinds San Jose Facebook Page.

SummerWinds fire damaged plants

Planted at the nursery entrance.I love the resiliency of plants.

Recent updates from SummerWinds website:

September 10, 2012 We’re having a FIRE SALE! – Save the Date! It will start this Friday, September 14th at 9am. Special rules will apply. We’ll get you more details in the next few days.

September 07, 2012 Big News! We will be having a Fire Sale to liquidate all the remaining healthy plants and products. The logistics and permits are all still being worked out. It should happen in the next 2 weeks. We’ll keep you posted! As soon as we hear more… we’ll share.

SummerWinds Plants and Pottery

SummerWinds Plants and Pottery
Fire Sale Starts Friday, 9/14


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    • Thanks for noticing the changes. I updated to the newest WP theme, 2012. I was using 2010. Funny that they name them by year. It helps keep it fresh. I was reluctant at first, thinking I would lose all formatting of pictures. It changed a few things in my sidebar, easy enough to fix, but otherwise it was seamless.

      Thank you also for reading and commenting. It was nice to hear of the community outpouring, the fire sale and the plans to rebuild. I’ll keep updating as time goes on.


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