catnip, violets ground cover and mouse

Mouse’s turn in the nepeta cataria also known as catnip

4 thoughts on “catnip, violets ground cover and mouse

  1. Well, your carpet of garden barely leaves any room for weeds to start! Awesome! I see Mousie found a way in. What an lovely thing to have your kitties room around and enjoy the garden too. ❤


    • I love it when all three kitties roam the garden. Lindy enjoys being out there with me, but comes in as soon as I do. Mouse prefers the bench in the front garden, though we’re all encouraging him to fall in love with the back garden. Tessa loves it out there. She hangs out under the fern, loves sitting in the middle of the covered table (why….who knows) and she chases anything that moves. I have two or three heavy earthen pots turned upside down so the lizards can hide from her prying paws. Poor little things. They come out for some sun.


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