Blooming Thursday: A Quick Walk Through the Garden

I’m finally feeling like myself again after a week and a half of vertigo. It was nice to walk through the garden on this unseasonably warm day. I met a brave squirrel while crouched taking photos. He spotted Mouse-the-cat and wandered off, but he really wasn’t in any hurry. After refilling the hummingbird feeder, I […]

(Almost) Blooming Thursday: Tulips!

Did you hear me squeal with delight? Tulips are popping up all over the garden. They won’t flower for a little while, but the fact that they’ve survived this long (shh…don’t tip off the squirrels) is amazing. Last fall I planted three varieties, purchased at a local garden center. They are all sourced from Van […]

Blooming Thursday: It’s a Stretch

Here’s the view from my back door. At first glance, it looks like nothing is blooming. In my under-dressed (put on a coat, Alys!) and overzealous quest for something in bloom, I poked around here and there and teased out the following: An over-do thank you to Laura for these wonderful Forget-me-not seeds. I’m excited […]

Blooming Thursday: Daphne Odora

No one told me Daphnes were finicky.  Just as well since I planted two over a decade ago. On at least three occasions landscapers and nurseryman applauded my success. What gardener doesn’t beam with pride at that? I sure do. Then one died.  Just like that. Did I mention they’re finicky? I’m keeping my eye […]

Blooming Thursday: Vibrant Purples, Passionate Reds, No Rain

The good news: I took these photos without getting drenched in the rain.  The bad news: I took these photos without getting…drenched in the rain.  I had such high hopes.  To quote our local morning paper: “‘Rainfall Amounts Minimal’: Anticipated storm turns into sprinkle.  Sigh. The paper went on to say, “Broader downpour expected over […]

Blooming Thursday: Dark Shadows Waiting for the Rain

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, but this morning it was bright and clear.  I love the shadow play on the flowers this time of year as the earth maneuvers into mid-autumn. Angled shadows and bright light equal beautiful flowers. Our cool season plants are starting to bloom, and will continue to […]

Blooming Thursday: State of Confusion

In our glorious state of California, known for sunshine and moderate weather, there is usually something in bloom.  That said, even the Golden State has a natural order of things.  Perhaps it’s time to hang up an “out-of-order” sign.  My garden is in a state of confusion. Tomatoes First up, the tomato plant.  The seeds […]

Blooming Thursday: Hidden Cyclamen

Many years ago, my friend, Leslie, gave me a gorgeous cyclamen for Valentine’s Day. I was between relationships and probably feeling sorry for myself. It was a sweet gesture and a stunning specimen of a plant. The cyclamen sat on my coffee table for many weeks, producing bloom after bloom. Then, with little warning, the […]

Blooming Thursday: Global Gardeners

As many of my readers put their gardens to bed for the winter, I stopped by a local garden center for some annuals.  It’s easy taking our moderate California weather for granted having lived here so long. I do remember the frigid winter days in Ontario, Canada, but as a child, not an adult. I […]