Yellow But Never Mellow

While snapping pictures of my yellow blooms, I found the song Mellow Yellow rattling around in my head.  The Donovan tune is mellow, but the references uncovered on Wikipedia take it out of the realm of a G-rated post.  You can read more about his inspiration on Wiki.  I smiled!

I’m just mad about sunflowers…

Helianthus in profile

Helianthus in profile

Helianthus closeup

Helianthus closeup



4 O'Clock Flower

4 O’Clock Flower ready to bloom

Lemon yellow coleus

Lemon yellow coleus

Dedicated to Mrs. Marion Bloom

20 thoughts on “Yellow But Never Mellow

  1. It’s so nice and sunny here! Did I ever tell you my bedroom walls as a teen were bright yellow. A boyfriend said it was like living on the sun 😀 You’ve taken really gorgeous close-ups, I can see the fuzz on the Four O’clock. I haven’t used my camera for weeks, which is really odd. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve planted a combo of yellow and fuchsia this summer and I’m really liking it. It’s forecast to be pretty hot over the next 3 days so they’ll really like that. Do you have to do a lot of watering over the summer in your hot hot weather?


    • I love that color combination of yellow and fuchsia. You have such a wonderful eye for color and design. Perhaps you can take progression photos. One today, then one every Thursday for a month. I love how fast things grow once the heat sets in. (I sit by and wilt myself, but the flowers are happy.)

      My pots all need hand watering and they do dry out quickly this time of year. Everything else has drip irrigation which comes on automatically in the early morning. I love it. It’s efficient on all levels (time, water use, and delivery) I finally wised up and added mulch to my largest pot which as reduced watering by half!!! The other pots are just too small to really do that effectively.

      So nice to find you here this morning.

      So…my challenge to you today: take photos of your beautiful pots.


      • Ha, when I moved out my parents changed it into a TV den/room and had to use several coats of beige to rid it of the shocking yellow. Now a days, you’d just buy one good can of primer. I’ve seen dark brown rooms in home listings and thought how opposite that would be from what I’d do. Luckily paint is a quick and affordable fix.


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