Fairy Garden Snow

Little hands made it snow in the fairy garden today.  It certainly felt cold enough for the real deal, but alas the skies were blue and clear.

My neighbor Jazzy’s day care kids love to run up and down the ramp and along the deck at day’s end. They were full of energy, happy to be outdoors and impervious to the cold. One of the little Munchkins asked if she could play with her doll in the fairy garden.  How lucky that I had my camera!  She was full of questions: was the grass real?  Were the plants real?  What about the berries?

Playing in the fairy garden

Playing in the fairy garden

A pinch of snow

A pinch of snow

I love the inquisitiveness. One by one, the others joined in.  I was pointing out the “snow” when I realized the wind had carried much of it away. I ran inside for more and within short order, they created a fairy winter wonderland.

Fairy Winter Wonderland

Fairy Winter Wonderland

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

6 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Snow

  1. You are a wonderful neighbour and hostess. Those little ones must just love you to pieces. I can even see a deer walking thru your forest. I guess it really must be cool, Jay Leno said it snowed ‘in the Valley’ today (closer to LA I guess?). It’s a wacky winter. We’ve had more snow than usual while in toronto, they still have green grass. I blizzard in Vancouver for two days….is this the new norm? I think the snow in the Fairy Garden isn’t ‘Frightful’ at all….let it snow, let it snow…:D


  2. When I read your blog, it looks like small flakes of snow are falling all the time. When I read today’s post, it looks like it is actually snowing in your fairy garden! Very cool ;0)


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