book club friends

Book Club Friends

The Bookettes

4 thoughts on “book club friends

  1. How sweet are you, thank’s for the pinkback. I think your garden party looks like an absolute dream, what fun. I’ve always wanted to belong to a bookclub & look how cute your table is made. You make me laugh, we could be two pea’s in a pod. I’m always racing the clock when we have friends over. Hosting is truly an art and you my friend are Renoir, delightful !


    • We are two peas in a pod! I love that Renoir painting. It’s one of my favorites. I also remember studying it in a favorite art history class in college.

      Our book club has been going for seven years in some form or another, but I’m the only remaining original member. We have a great time and all agree that we read a more eclectic selection of books then we might have otherwise. We meet in January with assorted lists, then plan on the books for the year. We skip September since many of us have school children (too hectic). When you settle on your next new house, perhaps you can organize a club on your own. It’s a lot of fun.


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