Lacewing collage

9 thoughts on “Lacewing collage

  1. Okay, this is very strange. My entire post is missing, except for the Lacewing collage. I couldn’t figure out how the title changed to Lacewing Collage till I opened the post. Time to investigate…


    • Wow! Clearly a technical glitch, because when I click on the link you provided, your comments aren’t there. Lacewing collage is a title on the photo, but it shows as an entire post without any text.

      I’m glad you saved the email…now I don’t feel like I’ve lost my mind..

      Thank you so much for the sanity check.


  2. Weird. You don’t see your Posted story when you click on the link above? When I click on the link I sent, I can read exactly what I read last night. It’s like a magic act, “now you see it, POOF, now you don’t. Now my origninal comment seems odd doesn’t it, some will wonder about my sanity, HA.


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