Gardens: Las Vegas Style

My husband invited me to join him this weekend for a business trip to Vegas.  During the time he worked, I explored some of the gardens, limited though they are on the Vegas strip.  I had a great time snapping pictures at the Garden Conservatory at the Hotel Bellagio. I can’t speak to the practicality of spring blooms in the middle of a desert climate.  They must import a lot of water to pull that off.  The flowers were beautiful  and well-tended.  I will post more tomorrow.

Here are a few to wet your whistle.

The Real…



Flower Umbrellas


A Floral Masterpiece

7 thoughts on “Gardens: Las Vegas Style

  1. Beautiful! I love that you’re still getting your flower fix, even in Vegas. The Conservatory at the Bellagio usually has an impressive seasonally-themed display. Hope you’re being treated to something fabulous! So much to take in in Vegas – enjoy your explorations… And some quality time with your hubby!


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