Cats and Rats and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Late Season Arrival

It’s working! Our late-season pumpkins still think its summer. An early rainstorm, book-ended by two heat waves have kept our lovely fruit growing. And an impromptu greenhouse, fashioned from painters tarp and pipe keep them warm at night, a snug little place they can call home.

The Hardy Boys are starting to change color as the plant begins to decay. Gordita and Lucinda are now golden yellow, just a few shades away from harvest orange. Baby Blush, sadly, is withering on the vine but I snapped her photo anyway. I will take my friend Bob’s advice and carve her wee little shell into something special.

Perhaps Lindy really was standing guard this week. She slew the rat and the fruit survived. In my heart of hearts I love all living things, and recognize the master plan we call nature. Rats eat pumpkins, cats catch rats, and the Organized Gardener needs to be at peace with all the world has in store.

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